Mess Around – Adelaide Night 2

Mess Around – Adelaide Night 2

Hello all

Time for another blog, after another eventful show.

For those of you following the story, yesterday I had twenty t shirts designed and printed featuring the face of an audience member and the slogan “I’m With The Fucken Belgians”, and sold them for charity before my show. (See pervious blog if this makes no sense) Unfortunately it cost me $30 per shirt, so I have to sell them at $35 to make anything for Novita Children’s Services.

Thankfully the few people that did turn up to buy shirts were willing to chip in a little extra, so I won’t lose money and Novita will make some.The shirts will be on sale each night at around 6pm out front of the Spiegeltent, and I will be there selling them.

Now, on to last night’s show – which revolved mainly around four people from the crowd – a randy couple, a 78 year old lady called Joan, and a random Lady In Red who moved to the back of the venue to get a better view. I took a photo as per usual, tweeted it, and asked for people’s captions:


They included:

Meatloaf and his groupies
The Corrs 2030
The sex change operation is the talk of the Adelaide Girl’s High Stchool Reunion.
Pimp celebrates 30 years in Business.
Far Side Cartoon Model’s Association, 12th Annual Reunion
(and this one from Wil Anderson:) Mr Big, Samantha, Miranda and Carrie reunite for Sex and the City 3: The Cougar Years
It was then suggested that I should put this photo on a t shirt as well, with the favoured slogan of those involved “Charlie’s Angels 2010”. It was then suggested that I should sell those t shirts at 6pm each night as well, all in aid of Novita Children’s Services. Unfortunately T Shirt City is closed til Tuesday due to the public holiday, but I reckon after that we’re in the clear.
So – it now seems that from Tuesday onwards I will be selling both “I’m With The Fucken Belgians” and “Charlie’s Angels 2010” t shirts in front of the Spiegeltent. What have I begun?
It also seems that the photo caption segment of my show is catching on, with tweets also coming in last night from Des Bishop and Ross Noble too. They receive a great response when I read them out on stage, so well done anyone that sent in a caption.
That’s all for today, hard to believe but those four people accounted for at least half an hour of my show. There was also ample support from a 16 year old in the front row called Amy who was wearing quite the short skirt, and suggested the t shirt should have the words “doggy style” written on the back. I may decline that one for legal reasons.
I’ll keep you updated with more Messin as it happens.


  • Len & Suzanne

    07.03.2010 at 13:03 Reply

    Great show Adam, we were at the Friday night show and thought it a real hoot. The T-shirts are a must-have – bound to make people look twice and ask “What on Earth….?” – and we will drop by shortly to grab one or two. You could make them available over the web ….. ?
    Respect, bro.

  • Rob

    07.03.2010 at 15:13 Reply

    Any news on getting the shirts in Melbourne?

    Did you get Amy’s number by any chance? (it’s ok I’m 17)


    Rob_Pilot – the frustrated twitter captioner who never gets a mention here 😛

  • Hanne

    07.03.2010 at 22:27 Reply

    No chance of selling those shirts online as well? Belgian fan here absolutely hankering for one. 😀

  • carmen

    07.03.2010 at 22:43 Reply

    was at your show Saturday night was a great and funny night was great to see the audience participation and play along, there maybe a photo or two roaming around Adelaide. just remember to wear your shirt from the previous night, hey maybe you can auction the shirt you have worn for Novita

  • dave

    08.03.2010 at 14:04 Reply

    was at ur show on saturday nite and havent stopped the little chuckle since u left us with the passionate pizza maker that was the funniest thing ive heard in along time.all the best adam.

  • Amy

    08.03.2010 at 16:00 Reply

    I loved the show! It was amazing to actually get up on stage, quite the story to tell
    I’ll be there on tuesday to buy the shirts, and my skirt wasn’t that short! Haha

  • Sophie aka The Ruthless Bitch

    08.03.2010 at 17:11 Reply

    I like carmans idea. I can supply an auctioneer for you adam and auction the shirt off your back at the end of a Show

  • Margaret

    08.03.2010 at 22:39 Reply

    Loved your show on Saturday night. Unfortunately we had to fly back to Sydney Sunday so no t-shirts (sob!). Love the Charlie’s Angels design.

    We also caught you delivering your poem in Ali’s variety show – it was great!

    Just a small complaint – I’m (well) over 40 and I can do technology.

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