Mess Around Brighton – Eco Is Not A Dirty Word

Mess Around Brighton – Eco Is Not A Dirty Word

Hello all

Just a quick Mess Around update from my show at the Brighton Comedy Festival last week.

There were two notable audience members on Saturday night. One was an Aussie wearing a knitted beanie with a kangaroo on it. It was the logo for his company. He’s an electrician. I still don’t see the connection.

The second was a guy called Steve (I think he was called Steve – I was massively jetlagged. Apologies to the audience on the night for that by the way. I arrived from New York two days prior and it knocked me round more than I expected. Wow, these parentheses have been open way too long)

Steve worked for a company that saved the planet using eco-friendly practices, that went by the rather dull name of Pillinger’s. I decided he needed to spark up his image (wow, I think I have made two electrician puns in two paragraphs. That’s more than I did last Saturday. Oh, yes, the whole parenthesis thing)

I partly undressed Steve, made him wear the electrician’s beanie, made the electrician pose behind him, grabbed his wife’s scarf, and a bag and necklace from the audience, and came up with his photo:


After tweeting the phrase “What do you think is going on here?” without attaching a photo (jetlag) I managed to attach the photo and received answers that included

Simonsays50 having rubbed his massive magic boil, Barry was making the most of the shit genie that appeared

I then tweeted to say that he was an Eco warrior, and asked for an appropriate slogan.

Along with

danilic be a greenie, wear a beanie….

TheAmereMortal I’m a Treedom Fighter

jaybee_bug Move over Mother Earth, it’s time for Father Planet!

came a few audience suggestions, including “Fill the ozone’s hole!” and for no apparent reason “You can’t do better than spunk trumpet”

I took an audience vote, and of course the favourite was “You can’t do better than spunk trumpet”.

So Steve decided that he may well use that as the new slogan for the company. Keep an eye on for more details. I did give him the option of using “Fill The Ozone;s Hole” and only as I started to write this blog did I come up with the option “Eco Is Not A Dirty Word”. Only three days too late.

Well, that’s it for what ended up being a scatty, slightly messy but ultimately fun show of Mess Around. The jetlag probably helped and hindered in equal measures, and I am very grateful to the audience for bearing with me while I lost track of where I was or posited that the spoonerism of Shiloh Pitt was in fact Shiloh Pitt.

I start my final run of Mess Around at The Soho Theatre in London on Thursday for a week and a half, before returning to Australia for the rest of the year. Of course, the blogs will follow on Thursday as well, so stay tuned.

Til then

Go you big red fire engine



  • Kathy

    12.10.2010 at 23:28 Reply

    Have to say, despite your jetlag, I really enjoyed the evening. It was just what I needed having been discharged from hospital the day before. The laughs made me all but forget my gallstones for the night, so thank you, Adam xxx

  • Jemma Jaffa

    13.10.2010 at 03:06 Reply

    Brighton Was an awesome show! But you forgot about me … the lil fork lift truck driving girl! 🙂

  • Skippyb

    13.10.2010 at 21:18 Reply

    Hey Adam thanks for making the company beanie the star of the show and for bringing into stark relief the fact that perhaps, your husband having said beanie knitted by a very pretty barmaid is the stuff of a future Jeremy Kyle show! Since eco is not a dirty word, Mathew is happy to advise the good people of Brighton and Hove on energy efficient lighting and can be contacted at –he will even let you try on his beanie, if you ask nicely…..

    As for the name Lucas electrics, it may not immediately say ‘electrician’ but that’s what happens when you are a parent and name the company after your son. Your daughter’s first word may well be ‘upgrade’ but soon your whole show will be about her every move, don’t think that it couldn’t happen, look at Tim Mitchum and his sign-off song!

    Thanks for almost ten years of laughs, our first date was to your gig at the Melbourne comedy festival in 2002. Thanks too for taking the brave step of making the audience the star of your show, although on turning to look at the guy who shouted ‘spunk trumpet’ I was somewhat surprised to discover that he was one of the senior managers at my work, mild mannered by day and potty mouth by night!

    So rub the beanie, out pops eco-genie!



  • Skippyb

    14.10.2010 at 00:06 Reply

    Hey Gem, you were the true star of the show and as for the diamond cut pizza, genuis!

  • LittleMissRockette

    16.10.2010 at 21:38 Reply

    So Betty is from Melbourne. Finally saw u in ur own stand up show last night (15th Oct) at Soho Theatre after 2yrs of bad luck – thrawted by trains, planes and automobiles, and the occasional case of illness due 2 dodgy pizza! Would not have been the case if Arthur had made it and cut it into diamonds. Brilliant show, everyone should have a mess around with Adam. x

  • ozzy

    23.10.2010 at 08:14 Reply

    Hi adam

    Amazing show, loved every minute of it, you are a legend, I hope to see you again cus you are my favourite comedian now



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