Mess Around Edinburgh – August 17 “Situation Norbert”

Mess Around Edinburgh – August 17 “Situation Norbert”

OK last night’s show involved:

Jason, a young man who responded to my question “How old are you?” with the answer “Fourteen still”. Turns out I had interrogated him and his family at a gig in Kirkcaldy last year, and forced him to google the world “clitoris”. He told me he hadn’t got around to it yet. I told him to get used to saying that phrase.

I dragged him, his Dad and his older brother on stage, and although they made for an unusual family, they were a lovely family nonetheless:


While traipsing through the crowd I also stumbled upon a couple that just looked great. Norbert and Janet from Orlando, Florida. I took a photo:


tweeted it, and asked “What do you think these people’s names are, and where are they from?”

I got the following:

  1. britishadelaide – Mr. and Mrs. Krankie from Scotland?
  2. KillieHilly they look like a cross between the Fritzels and the Wests…and probably come from the mid west
  3. lynpa88 George and Barbara from US of A ;0)
  4. Realitydenial – Mary Doll and Rab from Govan
  5. mike21up – Vvladamir and Vladivera from Vvladisvostok
  6. thelilmiss Helder and Sven from Germany.
  7. ThePeginator brad and angelina 10 years on…
  8. JoeyRowey – I’m in the audience Norbert and Janice
  9. fatherbananas Guinevere and Guillame from Luxembourg.
  10. Deisesupes that’d be chuck and Barbara from the US of A
  11. MasterofMuh Bob and Sarah from the good ol’ US of A
  12. dennisbrandrick – Mick & Vera from Hampshire. I don’t know why…
  13. TheAmereMortal Helen and Maurice from Humpty Doo
  14. Rubix_Cubic Lou-Ann & Bob. From USA
  15. MrDrewHendry is it rene and ronata from the 80’s?
  16. thephantommilk Kathy and Bruce; New Hampshire

As you can see, a few people picked the good old US of A, but even the person tweeting from the audience couldn’t quite get their names right.

I then took an extended family photo of all the people on stage, before sending them back to their seats:


As you can see, Honker made his way into the photo as well. Honker of course, is the stuffed toy given to me by an audience member that has become the leader of a campaign to raise money for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. You can donate by clicking here and read about Honker by clicking on the Honker symbol on my homepage.

Honker also did a photo shoot yesterday for Irn Bru, who have donated five miniature Irn Bru taxis to be auctioned off at the end of the Fringe. Keep an eye out for that one.

Finally Honker was nabbed for a photo after the show by an audience member who has his own stuffed toys on hand for photos:


That’s all for last night, it’s now up to me to get some famous Scots to sign the taxis for the auction.

More to come tomorrow


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  • Kerry

    20.08.2010 at 21:25 Reply

    Hi Adam, we were the people with the pigs after the show. Big brother is Mercury T Pig, lil’ brother is Matt T Pig. My friend and I have sent links out all over the place to drum up some awareness for Honker.

    The show was brilliant, loved it. And it ever so so nice to meet you…even if we had accent issues! Hope the rest of the run goes brilliantly for you.

    Honk for Honker!!


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