Mess Around Edinburgh – August 26 “Sammy Damien Sr”

Mess Around Edinburgh – August 26 “Sammy Damien Sr”


The people that stood out from tonight’s show were lovely. They were:

Margot – a sixty eight year old lady who came to the show with her granddaughters. I asked if anyone was older, and a man called Sammy put his hand up. Sammy was from Perth in Australia, was of Egyptian heritage, and was 69.

He came to the stage and became the smiling buddha of the show:


He even posed for a profile shot:


The other lovely people were Damien and his wife, who came in late. Damien clearly hated being on stage, and said very little at all – until out of the blue he asked if he could go get a beer, and offered to buy me one as well:


There was also a New Zealander who took a phone call during the show from his mate. I took the phone and chatted for so long that I ran down his credit. As compensation I let him have my beer after the show.

The most exciting news however revolves around Honker, and the campaign to raise money for The Sick Kids Foundation.

Irn Bru have donated five taxis to be auctioned off for the Sick Kids, and thus far I have had one signed by Ian Rankin and one by Biffy Clyro. The exciting news is that hot new Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges has agreed to sign one as well.

The auction will take place at 11.30pm this Sunday in an extra charity show of Mess Around at Rainy Hall. Tickets are available from Assembly for 10 pounds, and all proceeds will go to the Sick Kids. There will be a few special guests dropping in as well to help with the auction.

Of course you can still by clicking here – donate

or buy tickets and save up for the auction.

That’s all for tonight, but stay tuned – there may be a big signing announcement tomorrow.



  • fahey

    27.08.2010 at 10:39 Reply

    You’re double lovely, you DO know that dontentchu?

    Love the concept of this show and love what you’re doing with it.

    (wait til people find out you beat your wife and dress up in your baby girl’s clothes)

    f xxx

  • Nikki

    27.08.2010 at 12:01 Reply

    Hi Adam,

    I am sammmy’s, the smiling buddah, wife. got a text from our daughter that my shy and insecure husband (ha ha) had been up on stage with MY favourite comedian!!!

    i saw you last year with hannah and just loved the show. this year sami gets to be with justin (our son, with Shadwell opera, performing at roslyn chapel) and hannah at the ed fringe. i had been coping well being on my own, just me and the dog, but now i am really jealous!!!!!

    i love your work, love the way you help out the less fortunate and your friends.


  • Nai

    27.08.2010 at 17:32 Reply

    Loving your blogs and seriously !@#$#@ that we aren’t in Edinburgh to see it. Can you bring it to little old Portsmouth?

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