Mess Around Edinburgh – August 29 “It’s Bigamy Too”

Mess Around Edinburgh – August 29 “It’s Bigamy Too”


It’s now a few days after the end of the Fringe, and I write the final blogs as I sit on a train from Edinburgh back to London.

The final show was lovely, and as promised Megan and Matt turned up. M and M were the people I phoned from onstage the previous night. You know. The ones that were at a fancy dress party as J and H. Oh come on, you remember, they promised to come to my show dressed as Jailbait and Hercules if I married Megan onstage.

Now do you remember? The audience from the previous night asked me to take a photo of them and post it on my blog so they could see what she looked like.

Well, you may be happy to know that they did indeed turn up in costume, as did Megan’s mum Glenys, and we did indeed conduct the ceremony – officiated over by a barista called David.

Here are some photos:


The show itself was a blast, and although officially my last one, was the pre-cursor to the final charity auction that took place later that night.

It is worthy of a blog all to itself, and will follow immediately.

As they say on the tele – To be Continued…

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