Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 12

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 12

The Mess Around caravan continues to roll on my friend, and here’s what happened last night.

Amongst the madness in the audience were a group of Americans who were traveling with a gnome called Brian. Of course.

Brian was brought to the stage, where I staged a photo in which Brian was doing a gig to the crowd.


I tried to tweet it and ask the question, “What should Brian’s show be called?” After a few failed attempts to harness phone reception, only three tweets came back:

Tom Newman @TomNewman07 “fifty shades of gnome”…

Wendy @theweird1ne Brian ‘gnomes’ best! ^_^ #Edfest
Dickie @guittarra101 …. Gnoming me, gnoming you ?
What’s weird is, after the show I looked at my phone again, and I don’t think my initial tweet ever actually sent. Which means those replies were either psychic, or came from within the audience. Either way, well done.
Other notable audience members included Callum and his girlfriend – who seemed like the oddest couple ever but were actually really sweet
A Canadian guy (who, when asked to say something hot, replied with “I quite like chips with cheese and gravy”) and his girlfriend
and a Swedish guy called Dante (who I only found at the end of the show, but looked like the illegitimate son of one of the Proclaimers, so I invited them back tonight)
I continued my pledge to raise money for The Royal Hospital for Sick Children by announcing that I am staging a charity auction at my venue, on Sunday August 19 at 11.59pm. Tickets are on sale now, and all proceeds go to The Sick Kids.
I asked the audience if anyone had contacts at the Olympics, and after a long pause a man called Robin was dobbed in. Reluctantly he admitted he may be able to help, and he gave me his card. Turns out he is the President of the ACT Olympic Council in Australia. He promised to source something valuable for me, so fingers crossed it’ll be a hit.
By the way, here is a photo of Brian the gnome with Hector the stuffed toy that is spearheading the charity campaign.
You can help out the campaign by donating at or by texting the word HECT87 and an amount in pounds to 70070
Finally I found three women down the front who told me they came from Brazil and Italy. When I asked how they knew of me they said that they all watch my stuff on youtube, and they they were part of a bigger group that included a Welsh woman sitting up the back, and some Americans that came earlier in the week.
I have to admit I was a little bit chuffed, surprised and a l non-believing of the fact that I have an international group of internet fans that traveled to Edinbrugh to see me. So I decided to put something up on youtube that the ladies could watch when they get home, that proves they were on stage with me at the Edinburgh Fringe.
At the audience’s suggestion, I hauled Dante to the stage, and we all took part in a rendition of The Proclaimers’ 500 Miles. And here it is ladies.
Again, I am genuinely touched and happy to know that there are people around the world that like what I do. Good for you, and Youtube.
And that’s about all for last night’s show. Great fun, and thanks to yet another brilliant audience of people.


  • andy cunningham

    15.08.2012 at 02:15 Reply

    Coming to see you tomorrow night . Really looking forward to it . It was my son who suggested it . Although is meant to be pishing doon tomorrow .( heavy rain )

  • Jason Jones

    15.08.2012 at 02:40 Reply

    as louise and i are big fans we always checking out stuff on youtube with you in it Adam

  • Marina

    15.08.2012 at 07:51 Reply

    Thank you so much for the video, Adam! The whole experience was amazing and the show is brilliant!! I really hope Robin sends you the Olympic items!!
    One of the Brazilian ladies!
    Ps: I love your singing!

  • Daniela aka one of the Brazilians

    15.08.2012 at 08:04 Reply

    Thanks for the serenade and for the incredible fun last night. Hopefully you’ll get to meet the whole group before we leave. If you want to learn some words in Portuguese you know who to call!

  • Wendy Rees

    15.08.2012 at 09:37 Reply

    You’re right, the tweet didn’t go out, but I was in the audience so tried to think of something anyway. We had a great time, thankyou! (@theweird1ne)

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