Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 14

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 14

Tonight’s show began with a man called John Archibald, who looked vaguely familiar.

It turns out John was in my show two years ago, and I referred to him as James Bond. In fact, two years ago I called John on stage, and created this photo:


After a bit of chat, I decided to let John off the hook for the night, as I realised it was time to find a new Bond. I asked John to come to the stage, and with the help of a couple of women in the front row, we took the last photo of the outgoing James Bond.


I then called a dapper lad by the name of Andrew to the stage, and with the help of Lauren and her mum, we ushered in a new Bond.


I tweeted that photo, and asked “If this is a James Bond film, what should it be called?”

An audience member suggested “Keeping it in the Family”, a title that was then tweeted to me by another audience member, but the clear favourite was

JRB @JRBSays The man with the purple tum

I then continued my mission to compile a video of people tasting Scotland’s favourite beverage Irn Bru for the first time. Tonight it was Janet from Australia.

You can see it here

What you won;t see on that video is what Janet said after I stopped filming, which was “It’s not as bad as Coke.” I decided that would make a great slogan should Irn Bru ever want to advertise in America, so I asked a Scottish man called Graham to demonstrate what that ad might look like.

Finally, it came time to add to my Olympics memorabilia to be auctioned for The Sick Kids.

This Sunday at 11.59pm I intend to hold a charity show and auction for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. I can tell you that Jason Byrne has agreed to co-host with me, and that all proceeds of both ticket sales and auction items will go to The Sick Kids.

Tonight Aussie swimmer Brenton Rickard (who won two Silver medals in Beijing, and a Bronze in the 4 x 100 relay in London) was in the audience, and brought along a signed pair of the official Australian team racing swimmers for the auction.

Not only that, Brenton brought along the Bronze medal from London, and graciously agreed to bring it on stage. He even let me photograph the mascot of my Sick Kids campaign, Hector, with the medal around his neck


It was actually quite a special moment to have an actual Olympic medal in the room, and after all the jokes that have been made at my expense about the performance of the Australian team, there was a hushed awe when Brenton took the medal from his pocket.

Thanks mate, it was a pleasure to have an Olympian on stage, and I hope the trunks will be a hugely popular item at the auction.

Don’t forget you can donate to Hector’s campaign here: or by texting HECT87 and an amount in pounds to 70070.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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  • andy cunningham

    16.08.2012 at 19:11 Reply

    Great show last night , was in the front row next to Graham , classic . Irn bru ad Enjoyed the show very much , pizza tale was good too . Hope the auction raises a lot of money. Great to see a real medal , more used to gold in Team GB though …..

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