Mess Around – Melbourne April 3

Mess Around – Melbourne April 3

Hi all

Last night’s who wrap up will take the form of a photo essay.

First up I found a man in the crowd who looked remarkably like Tiger Woods, especially when he covered his face and pretended to send a text:


I dragged on stage a man who looked like Grizzy Adams, and a lady called Heather, who has been in many of my audiences in the past. I took a photo, tweeted it, and asked “What do you think is going on here?”:


As you can imagine, some cracking reponses came in, including:

LuxAdams Kenny Rogers look-alike competition has a clear winner

wolfchasing Santa and his head elf are trying to decide whether Tiger’s going to get any gifts this year.
Schnicka Honey you shrunk the audience..?
ThunderKats1991 Imagine Adam’s shock at the response when he asked if anyone else wanted to grow a foot.
ThunderKats1991 Never. Taking. Ice. Again.
ThunderKats1991 After waking up to this sight, Fiona O’Laughlin decided it was time to quit drinking.
Wil_Anderson Tiger Woods contemplates celebrating his last day at sex rehab with one final threesome…
It got weirder though, when another woman in the front row announced that she should join in, cos she’s also a dwarf:
We then discovered that the two shorter women on stage were both from Tasmania. I swear I couldn’t write something this perfect.
It all got even weirder when Ness (another one of my stalkers, along with Heather and a woman called Tansy) reminded me that she has my catchphrase “Go You Big Red Fire Engine” tattooed on her lower back:
I then realised that the light behind Tiger Woods made it look like he had been redeemed in the eyes of the Lord, so being that it is Easter, I took this photo:
I then filmed a quick music video with Ron (Grizzy Adams) during which I sang Wererwolves Of London, while he provided the “arooooo”s. It was filmed by his daughters, and will hopefully be posted here soon.
Eventually we got around to the fabulous Chris Hughes, who we are trying to make famous during the Festival. Chris bounded on stage and handed me a card that was given to him by an audience member the previous night. Apparently this man has an empty billboard in Balwyn North that we can use to advertise Chris and his charity challenge.
If we can raise $20,000 for The Simon Rhoden Foundation by the end of the Festival, Chris will strip to a pair of bike shorts in Federation Square. I can let you know that I have spoken to people at Fed Square, and the strip will now take place on the final Saturday of the Festival around 3.30pm. More details will be posted here.
Anthony the scaffolder also returned to he audience and brought along a stubbie holder he designed, with Chris’ face on it. His partner later modelled it for me:
So – here’s where it all stands.
*We have now raised over $3000 for The Simon Rhoden Foundation (that helps people with cystic fibrosis). That means we need to raise less than $17000 more for Chris to strip.
* The Chris Hughes facebook page is here –
* The viral video is here –
* You can make your own donations here

Or with this PayPal link

I will keep you informed of the final Saturday’s details, and in the meantime let’s keep making this mild-mannered IT Manager famous.

I still intend to make a Chris Hughes calendar – with this as last night’s audience shot:


That’s all for now. More to come



  • Emma-Lou Hackett

    06.04.2010 at 13:35 Reply

    Hey Adam,

    I was at this show for my birthday, and I actually have a pretty good video of Ron and you doing your duet of Werewolves Of London.
    It was an awesome show, keep up the good work or just keep attracting interesting people to all of your shows.


  • Heather

    07.04.2010 at 10:49 Reply

    Finally a blog mention!!
    Cheers for a great night – was a little worried you’d become a mind reader (or tapped my phone) when you questioned my motives for claiming not to be able to climb stairs…I can tackle them, but its a struggle. Plus being carried through crowds is the closest I’ll ever get to crowdsurfing!

    And Emma-Lou – you should have yelled out it was your birthday – you never know what may have happened (check out ‘Adam Hills Makes Birthdays Memorable’ on youtube to see what happened to me last year….)

  • Lauren

    07.04.2010 at 11:29 Reply

    Hello all,

    This is Ron’s daughter, I have posted a video of my Dad and Adam singing Werewolves Of London on youtube.
    The link is:
    Hope you all like it.


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