Mess Around UK 201 – London Night 3

Mess Around UK 201 – London Night 3

Well after last night’s antics, tonight’s blog may seem tame, but it was still a cracking show.

In fact, I originally wondered if the audience might be a little tame, as I glanced along the front row and singled out three men to talk to. Two looked to be fascinating, one less so. Or so I thought.

Turns out they were all less than fascinating. Michael looked like a bouncer/roadie but meekly confided he worked in IT. Another guy looked to be a fashion plate, but gave me nuthin. And the third guy called Mark (or Stephen, I’m not sure) gave me even less. Even when I dug into his past he told me he studied politics and economics at Oxford.

All this was complemented by a self-confessed “fogie” called Chris who had no interest in the internet.

Individually they weren’t adding up to much, but I had a plan.

I asked Mark (or Stephen) if he could remember any political and economic theories. He said yes. I then decided that with a bit of light and sound we could make him fascinating. As my amazing techie Natalie rummaged around for some suitable music I set the scene. Fashion Plate guy would be security, standing arms-folded at the front of the stage. Michael would be the roadie, checking the mic and adjusting it before the gig and, at the insistence of his partner, showing some arse crack.

Natalie would crank up the music, play with the lights, and Mark (or Stephen) would bang out a political discussion while looking like a rock star. Perfect. The only problem was, the CD library at the Soho Theatre was woefully understocked. Poor Natalie couldn’t find any decent rock music. Oh my God. What were we to do?

I asked if anyone had an iPod with some rocking music on it, and to the audience’s delight Chris the “fogie” held up his phone. “I’ve got plenty of Zeppelin as well as The Who”.

And so it came to pass that Michael fixed the mic, Fashion Plate held back the crowd (God my memory is deteriorating) The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” blared, and Mark (or Stephen) delivered a dry-as-a-dead-dingo’s-donger lecture, while met with screams of “I love you” and “Get your gear off” from the crowd.

And it looked like this:


Well done all involved, especially Mr Fashion Plate for some lovely bouncer-type improv.

In other news, my quest to find a lady for an audience member called Alistair hit a hitch, when he tweeted to say he couldn’t make it to the show. Arse. Especially since Lianne from Night One had returned. However, Liane revealed two pieces of information that made me think she wasn’t right for Alistair.

1) She has a boyfriend who is currently in New Zealand, and 2) she works for The Queen (although she couldn’t say in what capacity). It seemed to me that the last thing the Royal Family needs right now is another scandal involving a male partner in New Zealand.

Lianne gracefully fell on her sword (I’d like to make a Downton Abbey reference here, but since Season two hasn’t started in Australia yet I will refrain from spoiling the storyline) and has now backed out of the running. However, a young Aussie lady called Bonnie has entered the fray, and may come back, depending on what night Alistair can make it. The cliffhanger tonight was of the “will they, won’t they?” nature. Alistair now has two possible suitors – Milena and Bonnie.

I’ll let you know how it all pans out.

And as for @josie_6969, who tweeted this before the show:

josie_6969 josie Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep off to see @adamhillscomedy tonight eeeeeeeeeeep can’t wait eeeeeeeep ( must stop eeeeeeping) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep πŸ˜€
followed by:
josie_6969 josie

@adamhillscomedy eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep i finally here can’t wait to be let in eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ( really must stop eeeping) eeeeeeeep
…from an account that had been set up today, had no followers, no previous tweets, and was only following one person – me.
I tweeted my followers, asking them to follow her. At last count she had 48 and she tweeted this afterwards:
josie_6969 josie

Just seen @adamhillscomedy loved it πŸ˜€ eeeeeeeeeeeep
More to come tomorrow (if my memory holds out)


  • josie

    22.09.2011 at 09:22 Reply

    hi adam loved the show , wish i could see it agen and met you πŸ™ . i am going to keep tweeting on that account πŸ˜€ so can see more of my madness πŸ˜€


  • Chris Alexander

    22.09.2011 at 17:21 Reply

    Why so glum, Adam? If I had all those gorgeous purple balloons I’d be one happy chick.

  • Chris (the old fogie)

    22.09.2011 at 18:36 Reply

    Really enjoyed the show Adam, glad the iPhone came in handy!

    Perfectly happy & familiar with IT and the Internet etc. just not a fan of Twitter or Facebook personally.

    Just wanted to put the record straight being an old fusspot!

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