Mess Around UK 2011 – London Night 11

Mess Around UK 2011 – London Night 11

Holy shite what a fun night I had on stage tonight!!!

Actually the fun started before I walked on stage when the venue manager came to my dressing room and announced that there were four comedians downstairs who said they were friends of mine, and thought it would be funny if they introduced me on stage.

It turned out they were all having dinner and a few drinks, and thought it would be funny if one by one they brought me on stage. Luckily I thought it would be funny too, so they all came backstage, waited for the music to play and the lights to go up, then acclaimed UK comic Simon Evans walked on stage to a room full of confused punters.

He announced that he was there to introduce the next introducer, who was Canadian one-liner king Stewart Francis. He in turn introduced Mock The Week star Andy Parsons, who then brought out US comedy legend Rich Hall, who introduced me.

Don’t believe me? Take a look.


It was a little difficult to maintain the level of joy in the room after a start like that, but luckily a few latecomers gave me a gift when I got to say to them “Boy did you miss an amazing intro to the show.” Normally one would say this as a joke, but tonight they really did miss a magic moment.

The latecomers were a guy called Dylan (who was actually my sound and lighting guy at the Soho Theatre last year) and a lady called Esther. He said they had been at dinner and their food had arrived late, then said it was Esther’s fault they were late. He said it was their first date, and a guy in the front row said “and last”.

That guy in the front row turned out to be a conductor called David Lardi, a fact confirmed by a quick google search.

I then turned my attention back to Dylan and Esther, and found out she was from Spain. I then tested how sexy her accent was by asking her to say “Oh Dylan, don’t stop, that feels so good, don’t stop”. She refused, saying “In Spain we don’t do that”.

I then canvassed the audience to find other accents in which to say “Dylan, don’t stop” and found South African, Iraqi and Iranian (sitting next to each other I might add), Scouser, Irish, Scottish, and Dorset.

Dorset was the winner:


I then called David Lardi to the stage, who then conducted them all in an international “Dylan don’t stop” symphony:


And that was it for the show, or so I thought…

It was at this point one of the South Africans spoke up.

“Adam” she started “my partner and I have watched your DVDs and we know how much you love random and extraordinary things, so we bought something for you”

I called her onstage, and out of her bag, she pulled….an adult sized monkey suit!

I could not have been more chuffed. Especially considering my little baby daughter loves loves loves monkeys. I put it on, performed the last ten minutes of the show sweating like a pig in a monkey suit, and promised to wear it tomorrow morning for my daughter. I may also have promised to wear it for the poster of my next show, but that’s another story.

It was a wonderful gift and provided the perfect ending for yet another bonkers show:


A huge shout out to Sam and Stuart (who I met in the bar afterwards) for the outfit:


A big shout out also goes to Alison, the lady that made me the Go You Big Red Fire Engine cake last week. She showed up again tonight, for the third time, and gave me a batch of cupcakes after the show. Coincidentally, they were banana cupcakes. Nice!

So, there is only one night to go in the London run of Mess Around for 2011. Tomorrow night I have lined up three hopeful single men to compete for the affections of Emily, an audience member who was jilted when I set her up on a date with another audience member.

It has been an amazing run, and each nigh gets a little bit more amazing. I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.

Til then



  • Elsie Lapelerie

    01.10.2011 at 11:58 Reply

    Come and do a show in Perth and I will get you a tiger suit or something. And I can say shit in french?!??!

  • Lina Athanasiadis

    01.10.2011 at 12:52 Reply

    I am SO glad you are having so much fun – and VERY jealous that we can’t come to watch you. And if I come to one of your shows in Melbourne, I can say stuff in Greek. đŸ™‚

  • Brenton

    01.10.2011 at 12:56 Reply

    Agreed, you need to come to Perth but I can only say shit in Aussie

  • Kate

    06.10.2011 at 17:33 Reply

    You need to come to Canberra! I know it’s a shit hole, but you should still come!

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