Thank God You’re Everywhere

Thank God You’re Everywhere

Well hi

I am sitting on my lovely couch in my lovely London flat, watching Wimbledon on the tele, while listening to Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour on BBC Radio 6. If you haven’t heard this radio show I highly recommend it. Guy is the lead singer of my favourite band, Elbow, and has made an appearance on Spicks and Specks. His radio show can be streamed online (even in Australia!) from the BBC 6 website, and is the perfect combination of really good music, interesting chat, and unusual facts.

For instance, I didn’t know there was a tribe in the Hebrides that considered Prince Phillip to be a human incarnation of a centuries old deity. But now I do. Guy’s show is on Sunday nights, but is available to download at any time for a week afterwards.

Anyway, I just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know I am making my debut appearance on “Thank God You’re Here” on Aussie TV this Wednesday at 7.30pm. “What?” I hear you cry “How can you be in London, and on Australian TV at the same time?”.

I know, I know, the magic of television.

Clearly the episode of TGYH is pre-recorded, as is the epsiode of Spicks and Specks that will follow it at 8.30pm on the ABC.

“But how can you do one TV show, then appear on another one a few minutes later on a competely different network?”

Again, the magic of television.

In fact, due to the fact that most commercial TV shows now run at least ten minutes late, there’s every chance I will actually be on two channels at exactly the same time.

“But Adam, how can you…”

I’ll stop you there. For the last time, it’s the magic of pre-recorded television.

To expand this even further, I actually have tickets to Wimbledon this Wednesday, so while wrapping up an episode of Thank God You’re Here, I’ll be opening an episode of Spicks and Specks, and sitting beside Court Number 1 at Wimbledon. If I play my cards right, I might even be able to get on camera for Channel Nine’s coverage of Wimbledon on the same night. Not sure how exactly – a nude streak perhaps? (Is there any other kind?)

My point, and I do have one, is this – I’m on tele this Wednesday. Twice. And can I just say that Thank God You’re Here was as enjoyable an experience as I could have hoped for. Everyone involved was absolutely brilliant to work with, and in case you’re wondering – I had no idea whatsoever what my scene was going to be. The crew went to great lenghts to make sure that no cast member knew what they were in for, so what you see on tele is what happened on the night.

My fellow cast – Colin Lane, Julia Zemiro and Anh Do – were tops, and between us we decided that TGYH should actually be called “I Should Have Said That!”, because as soon as it is over, all you can think of are the things you could have said. I was chatting to Jimeoin recently and he reckons the show should be called “Coulda Shoulda Woulda”.

I think I did an ok job in my scene, but the all-in scene at the end was an absolute cracker, so make sure you stay tuned for it.

Meanwhile Spicks and Specks continues to chug long nicely, with over 1.4million viewers last week. And that was without people tuning in to see who The Chaser offends after us:) This week’s episode features Paris Wells, Brett Kelly from the MSO, Denise Scott and Dave Hughes – so laughs a plenty there.

That’s all for now – it’s back to tennis and music for me. Don’t forget my Edinburgh Fringe tickets are on sale now, and my UK tour tickets will be on sale very soon. Details are on the way. Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs – I am yet to succumb to twitter and am not sure that I will just yet. I like my little myspace family.

all the best for stuff



  • Mark in Leeds

    23.06.2009 at 05:06 Reply

    Am very much looking forward to the UK tour!

    Enjoy the tennis, but make sure you take an umbrella!

  • tina

    23.06.2009 at 05:37 Reply

    Hi Adam,
    I have to say, I only just started watching comedy recently, but I absolutely love your work, and I’ve seen pretty much every Youtube video there is of you 🙂
    Can’t wait to see you on TGYH and Spicks & Specks this Wednesday!
    Thanks for always bringing smiles to our faces and laughter to our lives and I hope you never stop 🙂
    Wishing you all the very best! GO YOU BIG RED FIRE ENGINE!

  • Natalie

    23.06.2009 at 08:24 Reply

    Can’t wait for the tour, you never knowMark in Leeds I might see you soon lol and I’ll keep my eyes peeled on the Wimbledon coverage!

    K, my commenting habit is a bit sad but I’m just soexcited to see you

  • Lisa L

    26.06.2009 at 23:56 Reply

    Just discovered you are sold out at Regents Park and you only have one show there – gutted!! Last saw you a long time ago at the Exeter pub on Rundle Street Adelaide….

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