Adams Nectar Two – Part Four (Twenty One Jono Salute)

Adams Nectar Two – Part Four (Twenty One Jono Salute)

Adams Nectar Two – Part Four (Twenty One Jono Salute)

Hi there – it’s Rozie filling in the blogging duties this week, as Hillsy decided that Tropfest was more important than the good people of the Nectar Lounge… hopefully he makes it up to each and every one of you. Though on the upside, we did get to hear his voice via his nine minute long messagebank explanation. So all was not lost.

To the show…

There was a festive mood in the air, as balloons and streamers hung from the walls, and the pile of $2 or less presents slowly built on stage for Jono’s 21st.


Andrew started off proceedings with his Nectar Lounge theme, as well as pretty much giving his outline for the Nectar lounge TV show. The theme was great, capturing the three years of random mentalness the Lounge has generated over the three years, though, for a TV show theme, it would unfortunately need to pause for an ad break before continuing. I think he may need to work on the thirty second version.

Though I did think of the brilliantly original idea of all of us playing in a fountain as the opener to the show.


I checked in with resident contributer/heckler Ruth, and Greg, to see how their idea of pranking Hillsy was coming along. To say what they had so far was shithouse would be somewhat of an understatement… they had nothing. And not only did they not have a skerrick of an idea, Greg decided that there was no real time limit on the prank. Apparently slow and steady wins the race according to Greg. So Hillsy, just watch your back in August 2012. I got a feeling something lame’s a comin’.


After reading the blog from last week and discovering Hillsy’s brother’s nickname for him is nobend, I decided Hillsy would need a new nickname.

‘Hillsy’ isn’t particularly original, and I’m not sure if ‘nobend’ will catch on, so here’s your chance to offer some suggestions, with the view to Hillsy choosing one to be used at the Nectar Lounge for the final two weeks. And make sure there’s an explanation of the nickname as well.

Like my idea… Spicks and Specks, which is S&S, which is SS – Nazi. [not sure if that’ll catch on]

There was also another suggestion of Pirate, as he has one and a half legs. This then became Dread Pirate, as people tend to dread pirates [I may have over-explained that].

Anyway, you get the idea… nickname away.


At this point in the show, I had to send out a volunteer for cake. Mark took it upon himself, and did a cracking job. First off we found out what Jono liked – anything – and I thought it would be great if we could have a giant birthday fish cake. Unfortunately that didn’t eventuate, so Mark substituted in Spam Lite [I think it remained uneaten].

Mark’s touch of class though came via the candles – he came loaded with ones and zeros, and did the 21 in binary. Oh yeah – nerd comedy.


I read out some comebacks for Morgan Freeman to answer people with – my favourites involved Michael Jackson, and saying “Yes, THE Morgan Freeman…” on the phone. I also suggested she tell people her sister is called Wesley Snipes.

But I’d like to set Morgan a challenge – I’d like a letter from one of her parents, explaining why they went with that name. I mean, it’s mot like Morgan Freeman popped up six years ago.


In the midst of all this we had two cracking sets, courtesy of Dave Bushell and Jeff Stilson, the latter who likes to tell jokes and then interact with the audience and find out more about Australia, and why we do what we do… “Ta… there’s no comeback to that.”

Jess Paige knocked out another ripping song, and I informed the audience that she’s newly singled up. So fellas, get in before she hits the big time. Or not. Up to you.


Then we sang happy birthday to Jono, before creating a fire hazard with the cake and some streamers.


Part two of the show involved Jono opening up his presents, getting a French translation of “Ignorant Yankee Pig Fucker”, another awesome performance from Brit, and two great sets from Col Cameron, and Lehmo – who did some amazing material about accountants. Who knew they could be such good fodder?


And that’s about I think.

I’ll hand you back to Hillsy/Nazi/Nobend/Dread Pirate, and pray that someone talks about fonts again next week, because I’ve never seen the Nectar Lounge get so excited…




See you next week.



PS Jono just sent in the list of presents he received :


1x Cold Slice of Pizza*
1x Spam Lite
1x Pockey: The Popular Japanese Treat
1x Rubix Cube
1x Home Made Birthday card with a paper cutout of me on the front
1x Mind Boggling Boobs Shot Glass
1x Kangaroo Boxing Pen
1x Set of Notebad and 3 pens – Every comedians most necessary toolset.

12x Miniature Disco Balls – Much like the ones hanging from the roof of the Nectar Lounge, only smaller still.

???x Marbles – They are came in a Bag.. my estimate is about 60
1x Kinder Suprise
1x Minute Fishing Game
1x Batman Pen with mini Projector
1x Krispy Kreme Doughnut – Brown and Glazed
1x Finger Trap
1x Blue “Birthday Boy” Ribbon/Badge*
16x Target Wish Patrol Pencils – Apparently from Christmas 3 Years Ago
1x Wooden Box with writing ‘Happy Birthday Jono’
1x CD Quad Box – The Four Box-Men of… The AQUADALYPSE!

2x Tim Minchin Badges – The first with a photo of Tim. The Second with the words “Only a Ginger can Call another Ginger Ginger”

4x “Jono Inspiration Cards” To inspire me of other famous Jonos. These cards consist of: Jono Coleman – Ok, perhaps not so inspirational. Jono Gibbes – Rugby Players are inspirational, right… right!!!???Jono Namara – A Model, apparently. Excellent role models of course. Jono Van Hazel – An Olympic Swimmer – At Last! An Inspirational one!
1x 2009 Western Water Calendar – Featuring the local wining entries from the National Water Week Poster Competition



  • jacqui neijens

    24.02.2009 at 19:49 Reply

    nickname for adam

  • jacqui neijens

    24.02.2009 at 20:13 Reply

    also sweetpea cos of adams nectar

  • sophia

    10.06.2009 at 11:32 Reply

    Hey are you having any shows in melbourne any time soon???
    woooow your legendary!
    am a huge fan your work!

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