Adams Nectar Two – Part Six (An Inconceivable Truth)

Adams Nectar Two – Part Six (An Inconceivable Truth)

Well, after six weeks of trials, tribulations, and more trials, we have come to the end of the 2009 series of Adams Nectar Trial Shows. Here’s what happened at the final night.

As part of an ongoing search for a new nickname for me, which lead to a whole bunch of inappropriate suggestions, which lead to me being called “Dread Pirate”, I fulfilled a promise from last week, and thanks to the ABC wardrobe department hosted the show dressed as Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride.

I am slightly disappointed to say that not as many as I had hoped joined in the fancy dress. Shout outs and massive props however to the five ladies that came dressed as The Rodents Of Unusual Size, a front row of pirates with foam swords (one of whom looked a little like Innigo Montoya) and the lovely Alli who came dressed as a female Dread Pirate.

Not only did Alli dress well, she brought with her the soundtrack to the Princess Bride, so we could re-enact the swordfight with the actual music. I then called two Innigos on stage, and we each fought them, to the correct swordfighting music, then clubbed them both over the heads and ran off to find Princess Buttercup. I believe you can see it all at

We then re-enacted the scene in fast motion for a couple of French ladies who arrived a little late. They made a donation, watched five minutes of the show, then left, possibly muttering in French “Why did two pirates just fight two ninjas in fast motion?”

Next up, Ruth and Greg took to the stage do deliver a co-written report card on my performances. They included such subjects and assessments as:

Religion: Appears to have a bit of a Messiah complex, offering four bowls of wedges to feed 100 people.

Maths: Is able to state that “One is the loneliest number”. Unable to decipher binary code. Can perform simple subtraction involving Welsh cows. (You’ll have to see my show to understand this one)

Phys Ed: Can leap on stage in a single bound. Not too good at three legged races. Not too good at two legged races either.

Personal Qualities: Disrespectful to certain staff, however does get along well with bar staff. Adam relishes his self-appointed role of class clown. Shares…particularly gastro.

Summation: Will have to come back next year and repeat the entire year.

Thank you to Greg and Ruth for being such great sports and for going the extra mile for the show.

After the report was read, we discovered that Jono (who asked last week if he could do a spot in the final show) had too big a night last night to be able to perform. He was dutifully declared soft. The show then kicked off with sets from George McEncroe and the nectar Lounge hero Adam Rozenbachs, and was wrapped up with another cracker of a song from Jessica Paige. Seriously, check her out, she’s amazing and will be a huge star one day.

The second half began with another song from Britt, the audience member who has been singing her own tunes every week. As promised, they have been recorded and collated, and will be available from Julz, in exchange for a donation to Beyond Blue.

If you’d like a CD of Britt’s songs from the Nectar Lounge, simply visit the Beyond Blue wesbite, make a donation of any amount, then email Julz at and give her your receipt number. She will then send you a CD of Britts’ songs.

Tom Ballard was next on stage, followed by audience member Bazel, who delivered on his promise of a dance/contortion piece. I believe it can also be seen at

Dave Thornton rocked the house, and then the show was wrapped up by audience member Andrew, who performed a song farewelling Adam’s Nectar. You know where you can see it.

Finally, audience member Karen presented Adam R and I with her annual gifts of a painting symbolising the shows. This year, she made one of Adam R and one of me, as part of a pair of paintings that join in the middle. Needlesss to say they were brilliant, and it’s fair to say Adam and I were truly touched.

Then, it was time to wrap the whole thing up. I will thank again everyone that I thanked on stage for the silliness that was Adams Nectar Two – Britt (don’t forget to donate and buy her CD) Jono (get some sleep) Jess Paige (check out her music) Greg and Ruth, Dread Pirate Alli, Evan and Emily (thanks for the website) Julz (for the recordings) Bazel, and Andrew.

A massive shout out must also go to Laura, who was confined to a hospital bed after a back operation, and will listen to the recording of the show this week. Although she wasn’t there in person, she was dressed as Princess Buttercup in her hospital bed.

Big ups to every comedian that made the effort to come down and try out new material for free, and massive props to the staff of Nectar Lounge for making the whole thing possible.

Thanks to all the audience members, past and present, including Henk the Crazy Dutchman and Bob from Liverpool, who dropped in for the final show. The effort and commitment of the people that come down to the Nectar Lounge week after week are what make the shows so successful, and this year we managed to raise around five hundred dollars for the Bushfire Appeal, and around nine hundred dollars for beyond blue.

Finally, massive thanks to Adam Rozenbachs, my partner in crime at the Nectar Lounge. He is a top bloke, a great mate, and an excellent stand up comic, and it’s a pleasure working with him.

Well there it is, another year of Adams Nectar gone. You can check out all the highlights at and if it happens again next year, you will read it here first.

Thanks for your readership/suggestions/comments, I have read them all, and they make writing the blogs worthwhile.

Til next year, or the next time we meet – Go you big red fire engine!


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  • Maggie

    15.03.2009 at 11:06 Reply

    Just saw the show last night at the Brisbane Comedy Festival and wanted to say thanks. 🙂

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