King Of The Hull

King Of The Hull

Hello all

I must, as I seem to do after every Edinburgh Fringe Festival, apologise for my lack of bloggage. It seems that once the annual Scottish Festival of Performance and Whisky begins, I leave the planet for a month. That, coupled with a two-week holiday, meant I went missing in cyberspace action.

Added to all that is the fact that I finally gave in and joined the twitter-lution. Oh yes, now every day I can update a message from my phone, which can be found at @adamhillscomedy. A quick glance back at said messages reminds me that during the Edinburgh Fringe I managed to – be waved at in the street by Ronnie Corbett; meet, chat with, and generally admire Alan Rickman (it was all I could do not to say “Nice suit”); perform a lap dance to an 80 year old audience member; and host a final night Best Of The Fest that involved Jimmy Carr, Dara O’Briain, Jason Byrne, David O’Doherty, John Bishop, The Pajama Men and Ali McGregor.

I have now started a UK tour that has already taken in Durham and Hull, and will eventually cover most cities between Brighton and Kirkcaldy. Anyone at the Durham show would have seen me take to the stage with my “holiday beard”. I asked the audience whether or not I should keep it, and since half of them said yes, and the other half were vehement in their disapproval, I shaved half of it off during the interval.

Not only did I perform the second half of the show with half a beard (the left half if you must know) I also shaved off the “flavour saver” of an Aussie in the audience whose wife wanted it removed. (A “flavour save is the tuft of facial hair left just below the bottom lip if you must know).

The following night’s audience in Hull were witness to an impromptu 21st Birthday Party for a girl called Laura, who had dumped her family to come and see my show. I phoned her Mum, and invited her along, then we turned the set behind me (which looked like a pub) into a Birthday bash that included an Aussie serving champagne, a drunk Auntie hitting on a single guy, a dodgy speech by “Old Uncle Adam”, and an improvised strip (also by Old Uncle Adam).

The weirdest moment of the night was actually when a woman in the third row walked out half an hour into the show. I assumed she was heading to the loo, but she didn’t return until the second half. When I asked where she went, she said – “I went out for a coffee and a glass of wine cos I was a bit bored”.

Wow. I have been heckled many times in many different ways, but never before has someone been so put off by my show that they have actually left the building, fortified themselves with caffeine and alcohol, then returned to tell me how little they were enjoying themselves.

I will attempt to upload a few photos of the tour, and put them into a clearly marked folder for you to follow. First up are shots of me with half a beard, and another of me chatting to the 80 year-old lap-dance-ee Iris. I saw people taking photos of me shaving Jamie in Durham, and stripping in Hull, so I’m sure they’ll make their way to me as well.

Next up I film a couple of TV shows in Ireland, do a gig at the Clifden Arts Festival on Thursday, then play Derby on Saturday. There are plenty more show on tour, check the live dates section, and you’ll find more updates about them here and on twitter.

Meanwhile back in Australia, Spicks and Specks has notched up its 200th episode, so a big thank you to everyone that has supported the show over the last five years.

That’s all for now, I hope wherever you are you’re happy and well.



  • Emma

    22.09.2009 at 07:09 Reply

    I saw the show in Hull last night, and it was fantastic! Obviously the strip was the highlight, but it was all utterly charming and beguiling. Look forward to seeing you again at some point, thanks for a top evening.

  • Rich Jones

    22.09.2009 at 08:15 Reply

    After seeing you a couple of times in Sydney and in Edinburgh I came to watch you at Hull Truck last night, brilliant! I’m horrified that I heard a ‘lady’ admit to going for a shit; and I must admit you were far nicer to her than she deserved! Perhaps you need to ditch the MacIntyre persona and get a Jimmy Carr one for such occasions!

    I had booked to see you two years ago but the show coincided with the rugby world cup final ( I still maintain you should have moved the date; but suspect as a bitter aussie you were keen to punish us for knocking you out) so was delighted when you were listed to come again; please don’t forget Hull and keep coming.

    I shall be using the aussie sign language regularly from now on! Great show. You are an inflator! Keep it up!

  • Ian

    24.09.2009 at 07:39 Reply

    I saw the how in Durham (sat scarily close to the Aussie with the flavour savour). The show was fantastic and the improvisation with the crowd was brilliant. But what do I find when I read the blog? Hull sounded even better. Now I’m going to have buy tickets to Stockton too! Keep up the impro!

  • Anthony

    02.10.2009 at 03:20 Reply

    Disappointed you left Scooby Doo out of your list of acts from the final Best of the Fest show… which was, by the way, the funniest two hours of anything I have ever seen!!

    P.S. Loved your rendition of The Tiger Sleeps Tonight 🙂

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