London Mess Around Oct 23 – Goodbye, Farewell and A Mess

London Mess Around Oct 23 – Goodbye, Farewell and A Mess

Well folks,

The final performance of Mess Around has taken place for 2010, and it was one of my favourites.

It began with a latecomer by the name of Rodrigo. Oh yes. Rodrigo was from Brazil and informed me that he was with “the beautiful blonde lady”. This contrasted to the Dutch man in the front row who was with “that lady over there”.

The beautiful blonde lady in question was Hannah from Somerset, and when I attempted to impersonate her accent, Rodrigo mocked me. I asked Hannah to say something Somerset-ish and she came out with “Where be moi tratter then?”, which I translated as “Where’s my tractor?”

This astounded a German woman called Nina in the second row for, as she put it, “two reasons”. Firstly, she had no idea what Hannah had said, and secondly, Nina is due to have her first tractor ride on her boyfriend’s farm tomorrow. I then invited Hannah to join Rodrigo on stage, and teach Nina how to drive a tractor, although not before Hannah gave me the best heckle I have ever received “Excuse me, can I have my Brazilian back please?”

She assumed the position,and with a tractor-like bounce, looked like this:


Nina followed suit, and aided by a sound effects CD from Natalie found in the sound booth, looked like this:


I of course tweeted that photo and asked people what they thought Nina was doing. Apart from the numerous people in the room who tweeted “driving a tractor” my favourites were:

ThunderKats1991 The invisible man is getting one hell of a nipple twister.

mwyres Playing rock/paper/scissors with herself?

SimonRes worlds most boring marionette show.

Nina indeed felt prepared for her tractor ride tomorrow, and before releasing Rodrigo and Hannah to the crowd I took a lovely photo of then together:


As the show came to an end, a woman put her hand up and asked “Could you please sing Happy Birthday to my husband? He is German, and we have come all the way from Oslo to see you?”

I obliged, so we all finished the show by singing Happy Birthday to Phillip in terrible German accents.

And so, the last showblog of Mess Around 2010 comes to an end.

I must give a shout out to the staff at the Soho Theatre, in particular Natalie and Dylan, who were awesome. Also big ups the peeps that came to my London run multiple times, including Lynda, Chris and his lovely lady who sat through tonight’s show with a hot water bottle on her belly due to “cramps.” If ever there was a photo that summed up what I try to do in my shows my show it’s this:


Thank you to all the amazing people that proved my point that normal people are way more interesting than celebrities, and to any and all of you that have read these blogs throughout the year. I have now Messed Around in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Campbelltown, Melbourne, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, Brighton and London. We raised $2000 for Novita Child Services in Adelaide, $15000 for The Simon Rhoden Foundation in Melbourne, and another $15000 for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

Who knows, I may Mess Around in more places next year.

Until then, may you all be more interesting than Shiloh Jolie Pitt.



  • Biheng

    24.10.2010 at 11:40 Reply

    Gee, that was a fun show! Singing in a German accent was a highlight for me.

    I wrote a short blog about Mess Around, if anyone’s interested:

    Thanks for the laughs. x

  • Lynda

    25.10.2010 at 00:17 Reply

    Thank you again for another brilliant show, they just get funnier. It would be great if you could Mess Around in Harrogate next year, several of my colleagues are keen to see you live.

    Well done for raising a fantastic amount for the charities. Another fundraising gig with Jason Byrne in Edinburgh would be fab as well.

  • A woman who asked for B-day song

    25.10.2010 at 04:38 Reply

    Dear Adam, thanks for making Phil’s B-day the most memorable ever!!! His first response was “what the f&%¤????!” but I think he really enjoyed it 🙂 Pls come and see us in Oslo! You are welcome any time. Hugs and kisses Anna and Philipp

  • Hannah & Rodrigo

    25.10.2010 at 09:51 Reply

    G’day Adam – well! Our 1st Anniversary was definitely a hilarious one, thank you! We had an absolutely amazing night – been laughing and remembering many funny moments of last night all day today – Nina hope yer tractor sesh went well me lovely. I’m sure ye rbounce did me proud. Adam, may you continue to drag sick women out with hot water bottles – so glad we ended up coming to see you on your last night messing around in Soho. Was great messing around with you! You’re one funny f**@@* LOL XXX The Brazilian and The Beautiful Blonde Lady xxx

  • robert

    13.12.2010 at 14:01 Reply

    hi adam

    we were at the inflatable show in melbourne. just wondering when the dvd will be coming out? cant wait


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