Mess Around – Adelaide Night 4

Mess Around – Adelaide Night 4

Howdy all

Firstly, let me start this blog by showing you the t shirt design the amazing Ian came up with for Sunday night’s show:


Brilliant! All the shirts for all shows will be available to buy for $35 in front of the Speigeltent until Saturday at 6pm.

Tonight’s show was a beauty, with a number of people arriving late. First up was Torina (I think that’s how it is spelt) who said she was a teacher that had run out of open day to make it to my show. In fact she was a drama teacher at a private college, who had basically abandoned the students to be at the show. I said that she should be on a poster as an advertisement for public schools.

Then there was Ben, a teenager with an incredibly deep voice. So deep, that I asked him to say “Barry White in da house” into the mic, and it resonated nicely. There was also Eckhart, a German man who chatted with me in German, kissed me, and laughed when I said he looked like a bearded Kevin Rudd.

It occurred to me that any one of these people would be perfect for the t shirt, but couldn’t decide who. So I dragged them all to the stage, and decided to let the audience vote. Would it be Torina with the phrase “I want you – to send your kids to a decent school”:


Or Ben, with “Barry White in da house?”


Unfortunately we never got to vote, cos just as I asked Eckhart to strike a pose he exclaimed “In German there is no word for spontaneity”.

The audience went wild and unanimously agreed that this should be the slogan for the t shirt, along with this photo:


Since we had already decided on a slogan for the shirt, I tweeted the photo of Eckhart and asked who people thought he looked like.

The audience agreed that the best description was:

“The love child of Don Burke and Kevin Rudd”

although I also enjoyed:

“help me obi wan kenobi you’re my only hope”

“James Cameron filled with loathing for his ex-wife.”

The rest of the show included a lovely young lady who watched the entire show through a mini telescope, due to a vision impairment. She was absolutely divine, even though she told me she won’t watch Spicks and Specks if I was mean to her. I told her she probably hadn’t seen that much anyway. Thankfully she laughed.

That’s all for tonight. Again I had a ball, and again it was all because of the amazing audience. The shirts will be for sale every night at 6pm, and thanks to the guys at t shirt city on Hindley St, we have already raised around $385 for Novita Children’s Services. Hurrah!

More to come



  • Glenn

    10.03.2010 at 16:26 Reply

    I have been to several shows this year at the Fringe and this would have to be one of the funniest. The interaction with the audience was first class and so down to earth. I took my (30yr) old daughter who said “I am not really a big Adam Hils Fan” and thenwatched her laugh all night. She is certainly a fan now. Thanks for a great night.

  • Bee

    10.03.2010 at 22:09 Reply

    Hey Adam,

    Great show tonight (Wednesday)! I’ve posted the video of you doing the “birthday strip” for Jackie and the girls in the booth – its a bit crap sadly, due to angle/lights/iPhone. It should be located here: . The guy sitting in front of me got some footage too, so hopefully his might be a bit better. 🙂

    Thanks for making our mid-week so entertaining!


  • Candy

    11.03.2010 at 09:45 Reply

    Hi Adam,
    thanks for a fantastic show on Tues. I am sorry we were late (I blame the traffic) and it was great to meet you, I am Ben(with the deep voice)’s mum. Our boys loved your show and were quietly impressed that Ben made it to your blog. The Spiegeltent is a much better venue for your show than the Thebarton theatre.I hpoe you manage to post a picture of the tshirt from Tues as I am very curious, the others have been really cool.
    Thanks again for a great night.

  • Tarina

    20.03.2010 at 16:46 Reply

    Hey Adam,

    Was gr8 being part of ur show. Just wanted u to know u spelt my name wrong. No o in Tarina. Another great night as only u can deliver. Stay groovy 🙂

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