Mess Around – Adelaide Night 5

Mess Around – Adelaide Night 5

Ok all

It’s late so I will be brief. Once again Ian the t shirt designer excelled himself with the design from last night’s show, featuring the very funny German Eckhardt. Sadly I am having a little trouble downloading it, but take my word it was a cracker. In fact, I’d say it is the best so far. I’ll try to post a copy when I can.

Onto tonight, where I found a group of women celebrating a birthday. There seemed to be a distinct lack of organisation (ie no one had booked a stripper) so I jumped onto a table and did a strip/sexy dance/MC Hammer tribute of my own. Apparently there is youtube footage of it here: .

I then found a lady celebrating another birthday, and after trying to start a conversation with her microphone-allergic boyfriend, stumbled upon a well-dressed man called Dean, who told me he worked for the Australian Taxation Office. The audience displayed their derision, which only increased when he revealed he worked in debts.

I then decided that it was about time the Australian Tax Office got a makeover, and attempted to make Dean and the ATO look cool. With the help of the audience Dean removed his ties, unbuttoned his shirt a few notches, and even put on his sunglasses – to no avail.

I took it one step further by asking my sound tech Siiri to find some good rocking music, give me some moody lighting, and sent Dean off stage with the order that upon his return he kick over a chair, take the mic and yell “Alright people, let’s submit a tax return.” After an aborted and lacklustre attempte, he rocked the house, and looked liek this:


I then tweeted, asking for a rocking slogan. I received the following:

Because I’m GST! Oi! Oi! Oi! GST! Oi! Oi! Oi!

I can’t get no satisfaction……from processing your return.

It;s a long way to the top if you’re in the ATO….

(Tax) Returns to Sender

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap (with 10% GST thrown in for free!)

Born To Be Filed.

The latter was declared the winner, and will form the basis for tomorrow’s t shirt design, on sale with all the show designs at 6pm outside the Spiegeltent.

It was then suggested that I should play Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil (a sly reference to Dean’s bald pate). Once again Siiri came to the party, with the help of Gen our venue manager, and as Beds Are Burning blasted out,  Dean broke into a very impressive Peter Garrett-inspired dance.


Uncanny, no?

I must now go to bed, as I left it too late to write this blog – shouldn’t have sat up all night drinking tea with Ross Noble.

Thanks as always to the venue staff at the Spiegeltent, the crew at t shirt city, and he amazing people that are making the show come to life every night.

There is more to come


  • Kris

    11.03.2010 at 05:52 Reply

    Dear Adam,

    Thanks for running with my lame “Do Beds are Burning!” thing. It made my night!

  • Sue Lusk

    19.03.2010 at 09:52 Reply

    I was told we could download the show we saw but I lost my piece of paper – duh – where can I do this? It was a fabulous show & Dean was a great sport & shaped really well when thrust out of his comfort zone.

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