Mess Around – Adelaide Night 7

Mess Around – Adelaide Night 7

I know it’s late, I know you’re weary… actually I’m weary so I’ll keep it short.

Here is the design that the brilliant Ian came up with for last night’s t shirt:

#6 pensioner REVISED


Tonight’s show was set against the backdrop of the Clipsal V8 Suprcars race. When I say backdrop, I mean soundscape – as the first fifteen minutes of the show was spent trying to be heard above the passing V8 cars. the next forty five minutes were spent trying to be heard above the tracskide rock concert.

Of course, there were a few Clipsal fans in the crowd, whom I mistakenly referred to as bogans. I then dragged a fw of them on stage to play Australia’s newest game show “Bogan Or No Bogan”:


I tweeted this photo and asked for captions:

RT @luc_goose: Closet Ford fan remembers to put his pinky down just in time for photo

which although drawing a great response was beaten to the title of audience favourite by this offering from Ross Noble:

RT @realrossnoble: caption if it was sitcom “bogans heroes”.

Therefore the shirt for sale tomorrow will feature the above photo with the above slogan. They will, as usual, be available at the Spiegeltent at 6pm with all proceeds going to Novita Chidren’s Services.

A process of elimination managed to reject our bogan applicants one by one, until we were left with “Scott mate”, whose sealed his Bogan deal by revealing he was a Port Power fan. I took a victory photo of him:


Which received the caption:

RT @ianthrelfall:New Australian statue of liberty unveiled

That’s all to report for tonight. Tomorrow is the final show, and I will be very sad to say goodbye to Adelaide and this year’s Fringe. It has been a most enjoyable experience.

A final farewell blog tomorrow then



  • Sherryl Whitehead

    13.03.2010 at 09:21 Reply

    Brilliant show. Great fun to watch and I loved Bruce. Maybe you and he could book a double act for Edinburgh Festival in 2011, we will be in Scotland then and could come and watch you both.
    You are a wonderful comedian. Please come back to the Fringe. I will certainly be booking tickets for your show. But it would be great to see you at Edinburgh as well.
    Cheers Sherryl

  • Amere Mortal

    14.03.2010 at 14:23 Reply

    Message for Adam, not a comment. Do you realize the t shirt pics you are posting cannot be saved and printed? Way too small, you would only get a 3″ square image at best. I am guessing whoever set up the website put in a script so that any images you posted would be resized and optimized for the web. If you want people to be able to print them, you will need to set up a link to a high resolution file.
    Please? I really want to get a few done, I could not get in to buy them at the Garden.
    Alternatively, have you considered setting up a Red Bubble store? ( Pricing seems good, and if they buy 3 they get free shipping! I would be happy to set one up for you, and the money could be paid directly to Novita via paypal. Just a thought. Cheers again for a great night.

  • Susie

    15.03.2010 at 17:06 Reply

    I think our version of Mess Around was quite a successful one. One of my friends got pulled up to be Lady Gaga and got told she could act sluttier (by taking a boob out : D) and another got crowned King of Bogans (he most definitely isn’t).

    Great night, great stories. Love it.

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