Mess Around – Adelaide Night 8

Mess Around – Adelaide Night 8

Here it is, the final tourblog from the Adelaide run

Firstly, as always, here is the design for last night’s t shirt:


Brilliant. Ian the designer from the audience has really been superb this week, and I can’t thank him enough.

Last night’s show began with a hands-across-the-fringe moment as a Clipal race fan and a sharebroker came to the sateg and shook hands in a sign of cross-cultural love:


I hen found a man called brendan from Elizabth, who as well as being a storeman had a striking resemblance to Steve Irwin. I brought him ontstage, took a photo of him wrestling a crocodile skin purse, then asked for captions via twitter:


The responses included:

RT @ThunderKats1991 Madame Tussauds gets it wrong. Very wrong.

RT @mr_al: “…and THAT is how I trained my ninja lizard to lift Naomi Robson’s purse.”

RT @arozenbachs: Just keep the stingray day bag away from me!

Wil_Anderson Salisbury local reveals how he could afford to buy a ticket to Adam Hills show…

Desbishop Shhhh my friends don’t know i’m gay.

but the winner was a caption that managed to incorporate my own routine about Steve Irwin that I once performed in front of Terri Irwin. My routine involved imagining Steve Irwin as the Russel Crowe role in Gladiator, and I later found out that Gladiator was Steve’s favourite movie. In  fact, Terri said that Steve would have actually loved my joke. So the final caption was:

“There’s a purse right behind me. So I’m gonna avoid eye contact and walk backwards towards it”

Ian the Amazing has already whipped up a design, and it looks like this:


So I will now sell the last of these shirts at 6pm today at the Speigeltent in Adelaide. Whatever is left over I will ventually sell online as soon as I work out how.

For now, I say farewell to Adelaide, where I am chuffed to report I have been nominated for a Fringe Award for best established Comedian, and even more chuffed to report that the other nominees are David O’Doherty, Hannah Gadsby, Steve Sheen and Ivan Brackenbury.

Thanks to everyone that came to the show here, but special thanks to Tim at T Shirt City, Jenn and Siiri at the Spiegeltent, and especially Ian for his outstanding designs.

I’ll keep you updated with whatever happens next



  • Tim

    14.03.2010 at 23:17 Reply

    Great show best comedian out there very funny. Keep the laughs coming Adam love ur work go u big red fire engine

  • Dan Henderson

    15.03.2010 at 09:17 Reply

    Hi Adam,

    My wife, friends and I had a great night at your show! I am the share broker!! … Yes there aint much I could do about my hairdo!!!

    You walked past me and my family on Grenfell Street while you were on your mobile phone. I didnt notice until it was too late.

    Was going to signal to you to check your exits!!


    Dan & Megan Henderson

  • Jessica

    15.03.2010 at 14:47 Reply

    Great show, very entertaining even if i had to be Bett Midler. Would definately go to more of Adam’s shows

  • Sydney

    18.03.2010 at 11:10 Reply

    Whatever happened to the blog from the last two sydney shows?

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