Mess Around – Brisbane Night 5

Mess Around – Brisbane Night 5

Howdy all

I know, I know, this blog is a day late. And I know I am yet to post the blog from the last two Sydney shows. I am madly trying to finish the scripts for tomorrow’s filming of Spicks and Specks, having had four hours sleep last night, and flown from Brisbane this morning.

OK here goes:

The final night in Brisbane was a corker, and kicked into full swing when I found  this man in the front row:

I tweeted the photo and asked for your captions, then asked him his name.
It was Lex Kush. Next to him was his wife Leone Kush.

Leone then pointed out that the man next to her was a Wacker. A quick check of his ID proved it:


In fact, as Leone pointed out, his full name was Bruce Willie Wacker.

Next to Bruce was another Kush, then a man whose last name was Going. I checked his ID as well:


And was then informed that his fiancée was sitting next to him, making her a “Going To Be”. I took a photo of them:


Then asked if there was anyone in the crowd with the surname “Gone”. No one answered, but a woman up the back said “How about Goes?”

I checked her ID:

Then invited her to pose with the other two, to create the progression of “Going To Be, Going, Goes”:


I then asked if there was anyone else in the room with a funny surname, and was lead on a chase around the room that included Michael Hunt:


Christopher Ladyman:


And the winner, Rebekah Roots:

Rebekah informed me that a relative of hers had hypenenated her married name and is now known as Mrs Roots-Ross.

Eventually I returned to the stage, and was swamped by suggestions for a caption for this photo (as well as the locations of some of the tweets):

‘Radovan Karodvic – Serbian war criminal – this is your life’

Adam gets excited by the thought his long lost father may actually be Seasick Steve

Adam Hills discovers heavily disguised Papa Smurf holidaying in Brisbane.

Australia finally warms to W G Grace. From England

On the left – Adam 2010. On the right – Adam 2050. – In Gladstone, Qld

He’ll be crushed when he discovers that the old guy isn’t a member of ZZ top…

E-Harmony launches poster boys for new gay match making site.

Even Wil Anderson’s grandad is getting them confused now. Brisbane

“Yeah, your long white beard is cool and all, but my beard is shaped like a microphone.” Alex from Melbourne

Homo sapien discovers the missing link. – Lux from Zimbabwe.

Seasick Steve’s brother….Travelsick Terry meets man with microphone stuck to his chin!

Ned Kelly lives!! Government consipricy out in the open, finally!! Lol! Jill Country QLD

“this is my brother darryl…” to the strains of duelling banjos

‘adam meets himself 40 years in the future…’ (beautiful downtown sydney)

High school reunion….Yes, I’ve still got it, smiles Adam cheesily.

I’m a huge fan, Mr Darwin. Would you mind posing for a photo? Omi, UK.

Where are they now? – Grizzly Adams

Santa’s reindeer drove so fast he lost his toupee. – Steph, Melbourne

‘Old as the Hills? Nah mate. Older.’ … From IN YOUR SHOW !

“Adam Hills Meets Self In Bizarre Time Travel Twist”: ‘The Foot!..They grew it back! THEY GREW IT BAAAACCKK!!!” [Melbourne]

Elderly man saddened after crazed psycho with 5 o’clock shadow kills a puppy- Kathryn,

God, with son. – Kathryn, Brisbane

Santa doesn’t look too happy about his turn at karaoke. (Brisbane)

‘Adam Hills and the winner of Australia’s Next Top $20 Note Model’. (Brisbane)

Just Adam’s luck to visit Madame Tussaud’s on the day Santa’s wig is being dry cleaned.

oh my god it’s Edmund Barton!

Father Christmas realises dreams of becoming a lumberjack, and that’s okay. (Belgium)

See, Dad? You CAN make a living from telling jokes! (I’m in Perth).

“Geez son, when are you going to say something that makes me laugh?” Lisa, Melb…

Hillsy wins ‘gay beard’ contest finally breaking Norm Beaton’s 45 year winning streak.

Dumbledore Comedy Hour Or, Gandalf and Friend. Rose, Adelaide, SA.

Brilliant work one and all!

That concludes the Brisbane run – thanks to everyone at the Powerhouse for making it a joy, and thanks to everyone that came along ( it goes without saying that my stalker Maria was there every night). I am having a ball every night with this new show, and it is all due to the amazing people turning up to the shows.

Adelaide is my next stop from Friday, and with a bit of luck I’ll have posted the Sydney blogs by then

See ya soon



  • marissa

    01.03.2010 at 23:56 Reply

    Thank you for a great show last night.
    Have another funny surname for you – My mother’s maiden name was Freak and she was a nurse. Back then they used to call you by your surname so she was “Nurse Freak”.
    Thank you for making 2 ladies birthdays a memorable one.

  • Ellen

    02.03.2010 at 14:46 Reply

    THIS is more like the show I saw. It was great. Fabulous!! I’d highly recommend it – pity it was the last night in Brisbane.

  • Jen

    02.03.2010 at 14:47 Reply

    I was lucky enough to be siting next to your stalker – yep, she certainly is a BIG fan 🙂 Great show, thoroughly enjoyed it – very funny! Cheers for the entertainment.

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