Mess Around – Campbelltown Interlude

Mess Around – Campbelltown Interlude

Hello, me again (who else would it be?)

I had a spare weekend in between festivals, so of course I ended up doiong a show. Last night I trekked out to the Campbelltown Arts Centre, south-west of Sydney, to a venue I have always loved playing in the past. After a cracking half-hour set from David Smiedt, who I highly recommend you see during the Melbourne Comedy Festival, I took to the stage – and well and truly messed around.

Basically – I found three people in the front row (Dad and his daughters) that had seen me perform at Campbelltown before. In fact they sat in the front row last time as well. This time they even started quoting bits of my DVD back at me. I told one of the daughters she was like a comedy Rainman, which prompted her to look to her father and ask “Who’s Rainman?”

When I berated her for not knowing who Rainman was, she replied “It’s not my fault, I was born in the 90s”. I was outraged, and felt even older when she told me she was born in 1995. I then asked Michael, the amazing sound tech, if he could lower the screen that was used for projections in the theatre, and hook his laptop up to it so we could show the young lady exactly who Rainman was.

In amongst all this mullarkey I also uncovered a young man who had turned up to the show under the mistaken assumption that he was seeing Wil Anderson. I then removed my shoe, asked for some thongs, and promised to do a Wil Anderson impression for him. Before I could do that though, it somehow came to my attention that the Mayor of Campbelltown was in the room.

Whilst discussing the joys of various decades, someone in the crowd suggested that “in Campbeltown, every day’s the seventies” and I thought that would make for a good town slogan. Using the mic stand as a Mayor Detector, and the audience’s beeping noises to help me locate him, I then tracked down a man called Aaron, Mayor of Campbelltown.

I first asked him if he’d consider changing the name of Campbelltown to Campbellcity, to keep up with its newly crowned City status. he said it would be tabled at a meeting and used some large words I pretended not to understand. I then asked if he would consider changing the town slogan to “Campbeltown – Every Day’s The Seventies”. He told me that as a Fleetwood Mac fan, he quite liked that idea.

I then asked him to prove that he was actually a Fleetwood Mac fan (and not just trying to sound like he knew about music) by singing a Fleetwood Mac song. The amazing Michael, who had by now lowered the screen and hooked it up to Youtube, found the lyrics and video for Gypsy – and Mayor Azza and I sang a duet of Gypsy! The audience then promised they would vote for him in the next Mayoral elections.

Azza eventually returned to his seat, and the amazing Michael then tracked down the “Qantas never crashed” clip from rainman, so we all sat and watched the scene together, just so a fifteen year old in the front row would understand what I was talking about. When we finished a man from the crowd yelled “Ask her if she knows who Jenna Jamieson is?” I refrained.

Finally I managed to remove my second shoe, balance a thong on my artificial foot, and did a Wil Anderson impression by yeling at a teenage boy for surfing porn on the internet (the same tenage boy Wil had yelled at for surfing porn on the internet a few weeks earlier”

After an hour of playing with the crowd I eventually got around to telling a few stories, and then sudennly the show was over. I did of course take a few crowd photos for you, including mug shots of the stalking family:


and side on


I then took a photo of Mayor Aaron , and said I would design an election poster for him:


Unfortunately I have realised that I am shithouse at designing stuff on the computer, so I thought I might set a challenge to see if you can design an election poster. It was only after the gig that I was informed that Aaron’s last name is Rule, so I thought the slogan “Vote for Aaron – Born to Rule” might be appropriate.

Should you have the time and the inclination, please feel free to take the above photo, and turn it into an election poster for Mayor Azza, then post it as a comment after this blog.

I also set the audience the task of finding the sign welcoming people to Campbelltown, and sticking a sign to it that says “Every Day’s the seventies” then posting it after this blog as well. Go to it people.

So there you have it – a brilliant audience that gave me 60 minutes worth of material, a singing Mayor, a screening of Rainman and a Wil Anderson impersonation. Thanks to all the people at the Campbeltown Arts Centre, especially Anne Maree and the amazing Michael, but massive props to Mayor Aaron who was genuinely brilliant.

The Melbourne Comedy festival starts this week, so as wel as my show please see the shows I am producing – David Smiedt, Wilson Dixon, Adam Vincent and Pedro Tochas.

That’s all for now. More to come as it happens



  • Katrina

    20.03.2010 at 16:04 Reply

    Hey it was an absolutely fabulous night. Keep on coming back to see us in Campbelltown!!!!!!!

  • Abbey

    20.03.2010 at 16:35 Reply

    So gutted I missed your show… I really wanted to go but it was sold out 🙁
    Can you please come back to Campbelltown soon.

  • Bev C

    20.03.2010 at 17:50 Reply

    Aaron’s always rule!!!

    I hope the link works because I don’t know how else to add pic

    I would love photoshop but until then, this is the best I can do with my free photo editiing program.


  • Joanne Kelleher

    21.03.2010 at 10:36 Reply

    Hi Adam, Fantastic show once again. My name’s Joanne and I’m the “Baby Boomer” woman in the third row (sitting directly behind the “Lunchbox Family”) who dobbed in the mayor!! Funny thing was, I had spoken to him in the foyer before the show, without knowing him personally, (although I am going to seek him out this week to apologise and offer my services re his campaign for re-election, as penance for my sin) just to commend him on being present at yet another event in the community. (Last Sunday he had welcomed 2000+ early morning risers to the Campbelltown Challenge Walk at Mt Annan Gardens). I then asked him to if he’d come along to many of these Comedy in C’town performances. He said he’d seen Wil, but found him a little confronting, to which I replied something like “I think you’ll enjoy Adam’s show. He just interacts with the audience, asks them what they do, where they live and builds most of the show around what they tell him. He’s very clever!” To which the mayor replied something like, ” So if you don’t to be noticed, don’t sit down the front!” Honestly, that’s how the first and only conversation I’ve ever had with our mayor went!! Can you believe it!! Then about 5-10mins later I stuck my hand up (as all good primary teachers-yep I’m one too) volunteering that “yes it probably would be possible to add the slogan “Where every day’s the 70s” to the “Welcome to Campbelltown” sign as the mayor’s in the audence”!!!! To which which my brother (who later raised the Jenna Jamieson name) replied (OMG! What have you done? The mayor’s gonna kill you!”)
    Anyhow, as you probably now know, someone did post the slogan on the Welcome to Campbelltown sign (probably the “Stalker Family” – by the way, the Stalker Dad is actually the librarian at my daughter’s high school (John Therry Catholic High)) along with an image from Fleetwood’s Mac’s Rumours album!!!!
    I have five photos to send you, but need to wait for my YGen daughter to wake up and help her I.T incompetent Baby Boomer mother to download them from my phone, to do so.

  • Hayley

    21.03.2010 at 10:51 Reply

    Here’s a poster for the Aaron Rule 2010 campaign.

  • Joanne Kelleher

    21.03.2010 at 11:19 Reply

    Hi Adam. Joanne here again. Sadly even my daughter, who is finally out of bed, is having trouble sending the 5 photos to you. Is there a plain ordinary email address we can send them to?

  • Fiona

    22.03.2010 at 05:52 Reply

    mission complete the sign was done, there were 2 groups involved… we arrived as one was leaving but we did ours anyway…. trying to get a copy of the pic to put up here!!

  • Madeleine

    22.03.2010 at 17:17 Reply

    Hey Adam,
    I was Blazin’ all weekend coz i met u. now im just sad coz u didnt mention me in ur blog :(. Honestly how many times do u meet a one-armed little girl who wants to be a comedian just like u? im sure i’ll live…(probably coz my only hand cant cut my only wrist…its physicaly impossible) jks! im not emo!! im made out of sunshine and happy stuff… not even cranky anymore.
    i’ll see u next time u come to campbelltown.
    Ps. u’ll always be an insperation to me.. and u’ll always be my hero!

  • Rachel

    22.03.2010 at 22:38 Reply

    Hi Adam,
    Such an awesome show !!! can’t wait for you to return to “CampbellCity”. i was sitting next to the boy (in between him and his sister) you did your Wil Anderson impersonation at. so good!
    After being to all the gigs this season, yours truely topped it off!
    It was such a good night, i had stomach cramps from laughing so much!
    Would like to thank you for an awesome show!!!!! And hope to see you soon 😛

    P.S Hayley that’s an awesome poster. should get it printed tehehe

  • Steve

    23.03.2010 at 14:08 Reply

    I’ve been to just about all the comedy nights @ctown over recent years, and last Friday night, Adam Hills easily the best. Sent my photos of “Campbelltown, where every day is the 70’s” sign to, so Joanne above, you might try that – and check ya emails Adam! Stay tuned for more.

  • Joanne

    24.03.2010 at 23:22 Reply

    Thanks for the email suggestion Steve. Just sent the photos off now.
    Great poster work Bev and Hayley. Hope The Mayor’s had a look.

  • Steve

    25.03.2010 at 14:08 Reply

    Yes Joanne (above) – nice pick up on my posting of the Fleetwod Mac album pic – coexisting side by side with the traditional owners of the Tharawal tribe. Pity, some dude from council, no doubt born in the 80’s must have taken them down… but psssst… we’ll be back soon

  • Steve

    26.03.2010 at 13:35 Reply

    My daughter just texted me, apparently someone phoned up 96.9 Nova fm (wasnt me, I’m too old for them) and mentioned the posters at Campbelltown… good work guys!

  • SM

    26.03.2010 at 14:05 Reply

    OK, here’s the plan – if we do this i reckon we can get Adam back to Campbelltown – we need:

    – a megaphone
    – a Kevin Rudd mask
    – a sign (I can arrange that)
    – a camcorder
    – and a couple of volunteers

    We film “Kevin” next to the “Campbelltown – every day is the 70’s” sign, meeting locals, down the street, outside council, attending events & we post on youtube.

    If you want to join in, email me:

    Email any photos you have too, we can blog them. This could be fun

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