Mess Around Edinburgh 27 – “Honker Who”

Mess Around Edinburgh 27 – “Honker Who”


Tonight’s show was opened quite beautifully by my two door staff,  Jenny and Lila, who had written an “Adam Hills” song while listening to my show every night. I then challenged them to write a song for the end of the show about the audience members that included:

An Australian couple who shall remain nameless, but who are living together in Edinburgh despite being married to other people back in Australia; and Ricky and Eddie – two Scots in the front row who seemed to be in their own sitcom, with Eddie using the phrase “Oh now you’ve done it” as his motto. They looked like this:



Jenny and Lila did their research, found out that the Aussie guy was a lecturer in IT, and to the tune of “Oops They Did It Again” created a parody that included the rhymes “She dresses in lace, for his database”. Brilliant.

The only other person of note was someone in the front row who was clearly the only Australian in the front row. Look carefully at the photo and see if you can spot the Aussie dressed for the Scottish summer:


Finally I have some exciting news about Honker’s auction for the Sick Kids. As you know Irn Bru donated some miniature taxis to be signed then auctioned off.

Well, after garnering the signatures of Ian Rankin, Biffy Clyro and Kevin Bridges, I got one signed last night by the writer of the current series of Dr Who – Steven Moffat. I’m hoping Dr Who fans will now go crazy and spend a lot of money on the mini taxi.

Of course Honker posed with Steven:


They will be auctioned off at Rainy Hall in a special extra show of Mess Around this Sunday at 11.30pm. Jason Byrne will co-host the show with me, and Mark Watson and Kevin Bridges will also drop in. Tickets are 10 pounds from Assembly Box Office and are selling fast.

That’s all, gotta run



  • Lynda

    29.08.2010 at 05:28 Reply

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs Adam. Nearly time to pack my bag for Edinburgh…. can’t wait to see both shows tomorrow. I hope you raise lots of money. Go Honker!

  • Eddie Boyle

    30.08.2010 at 21:46 Reply

    Hi Adam,

    Many thanks for a great night. Ricky also enjoyed the show and I made sure that he was taken back to his secure accomodation and will not be released into the public domain again until next year’s festival.

  • Ricky McCorquodale

    01.09.2010 at 07:02 Reply

    We all thouroughly enjoyed your show, as you can see from our photographs both Eddie and I spend most of our days in straight jackets so it was a nice change to get out for the night. Our carers say it will be a long time before this happens again ,worth the wait though.

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