Mess Around Edinburgh – August 15 “Long Way To The Top Of The Mound”

Mess Around Edinburgh – August 15 “Long Way To The Top Of The Mound”

Hello all

Last night’s show (yes I am a day late but I needed some sleep last night) involved the following people. An 11 year old called Eric. A man in the crowd who looked like a roadie, called Hamish. Hamish’s wife Margaret. A guy in the second row in a Harley Davidson shirt called Alex. And a front row of women.

Basically over the course of half an hour I decided to create a rock n roll tableau wih all of the above people.

As Alex in the Harley shirt mimed to his favourite band, ACDC, Eric the 11 year old was crowd surfed by the row of ladies. Meanwhile Hamish the roadie ran on stage to fix the mike stand, and in a turn up for the books Margaret came up from the crowd and took home the roadie rather than the lead singer.

And it all looked like this:


There was also an incident with a Scouse/Londoner called Toby and his penchant for swapping from a posh accent to a scouse one during sex, but the less said about that the better.

The campaign for Honker seems to be gathering momentum. Honker is a stuffed toy given to me on opening night, who we decided will head a campaign to raise money for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. Thus far we have raised over 2400 pounds at the Just Giving site here

Irn Bru have decided to donate five miniature taxis to be auctioned off, and I decided to get some famous Scots to sign them. Of coure, everyone in Scotland knows everyone else, so in the audience we had a woman whose husband runs a music school that Paolo Nutini helps out at, someone else who knows KT Tunstall’s mum, and someone who is friends with Sharleen Spiteri from Texas.

I have a day off today, but may be doing a photo shoot for Irn Bru tomorrow, so I’ll keep you updated on how it all progresses.

In the meantime I’d love you to make even a wee donation to the Sick Kids. It’s for a great cause, and it’s all a wee bit of fun. (Look at me in Scotland, using the word “wee” twice in the same paragraph)

Don’t forget you can follow all things Honker-related by going back to “home” on the menu and clicking on the little Honker sticker.

More to come tomorrow



  • Cheryl

    17.08.2010 at 22:33 Reply

    Re Paolo Nutini : please contact me via email if you are still interested in Paolo for the signing of the taxis – also I’ve been asked to point out that its my husbands friend who owns the music school! lol
    You can see it here – along with pics of Paolo with the glee club
    Thanks Cherylmarie McAtamney

  • Misha

    20.08.2010 at 21:32 Reply

    I’ve never crowd surfed an eleven year old before, so that was interesting.
    (I was the 18 year old in the front row of ladies)

    Great show.

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