Mess Around Edinburgh – August 19 “Islands in the Firth of Forth”

Mess Around Edinburgh – August 19 “Islands in the Firth of Forth”


Last night’s show started with the discovery of a Finnish woman in the audience called Leia. I asked her if she was a Princess and she replied “For you I would be”. That made me decide to create a Satr Wars theme on stage, but as always I was distracted by latecomers.

As I followed them to their seats I spotted a Kenny Rogers lookalike and his wife. Unsure of whether to create an Islands In The Stream style singalong or a Star Wars scene, I consulted an audience member called Brian who suggested Parton and Rogers was a better option.

Accordingly, I brought “Kenny and Dolly” to the stage, posed them, cued up some music, and we all had a good old singalong.

Of course I took a photo, tweeted it, and asked “Which pop duo am I recreating here?”


The answers included:

  1. MissItchy daft Punk – without their helmets, for sure!
  2. britishadelaide – is it The Proclaimers in a few years after of them has had a sex change?
  3. servantofchaos oh it’s Islands in the Stream – Kenny and Dolly
  4. MarkSammons Kajagoogoo?
  5. Ec_Kelly – The blonde country singer with the boobs and the beardy bloke tht sang with her…I’m too young
  6. the_cardman – On the left – before a month in Edinburgh. On the right – after a month in Edinburgh.
  7. mike21up gotta be serge gainsberg and jane birkin doing je t’ aime
  8. wisebee – Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers! I can’t see the ladies boobs to be sure though!
  9. BexBitchDrummer dolly n kenny or kris k & Barbara streisland xx Hug honker for me Bex Yorkshire
  10. LuxAdams – Apart from the complete lack of resemblence, Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks.
  11. chippie77 bros
  12. ajthring Kylie and Jason, gotta be.
  13. Jo_Fitz – Simon & Garfunkel!
  14. MeredithShizzle – The Cheeky Girls
  15. ThoughtsByMatt or possibly Chas & Dave
  16. gillkelleher – Peters and lee – though well before your time I suspect
  17. clairewhill Not really pop, but I’m going to say Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton?
  18. ThoughtsByMatt cher and sonny
  19. chazzyb31 – Renee & Renata? Jennifer Warnes & Bill Medley?
  20. DanielMoroney Parton and Rogers.
  21. TheAmereMortal half of ABBA?

Well done.

Honker’s campaign continues to raise money for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. In fact, thanks to an extra 40 quid thrown in live on-air by Fred MacAulay this morning, we have reached over 2600 pounds. You can join in the donations by clicking here – DONATE

I’ll have details for you soon about how and when the auction of Irn Bru miniature taxis take place. Out of interest, how many people reading this would take part in a twitter auction were I to hold one?

Finally I took a photo of Honker with my friend and comedian Tanyalee Davis, who came to the show to protest the fact that Edinburgh buses won’t allow her onboard on her mobility scooter, even though she clearly can’t walk from Leith to the City without it.


If you have any interest in this, please contact your local member or email Tanyalee at With the Paralympics coming, surely the UK should be accessible to all!

That’s all for today, more to come



  • Mike Duckworth

    21.08.2010 at 02:03 Reply

    Hi Adam,
    Count me in for the auction. Can’t get to the Fringe this year, first time missed since 1994. Will put a donation in the fund anyway but will bid in the auction. Hope we can catch you somewhere soon keep checking the site for tour dates.
    Keep up the good work, and keep tweeting.
    Enjoy being a father too. Best wishes to all three of you.

  • Lynda

    21.08.2010 at 05:41 Reply

    Work permitting, yes. Really enjoying reading the blogs and I can’t wait for the 29th to finally see you live.

  • Louise (audience member on 8.8.10)

    21.08.2010 at 07:57 Reply

    If you can get David Tennant to sign one of the taxis I’d definitely take part! I recently heard that he was currently filming in Scotland so you never know!! Loved the show last week Adam and the blogs are a great way to follow all your other antics. I’m seriously thinking of booking more tickets to come and see you again in London on my birthday (15 Oct). Keep up all the good work. You’re an inspiration as well as a bloomin’ good comic! :o)

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