Mess Around Edinburgh – August 20/21/22 “Triple the Mess”

Mess Around Edinburgh – August 20/21/22 “Triple the Mess”


Due to unforseen circumstances (a few late nights, days spent looking after the baby, and me just generally being a grumpy shit) I missed the last few showblogs. The problem is, after three shows the only way I can remember what happened is to look at the photos. So here goes:



Ah yes, it’s all coming back to me. The guy on the right is clearly Australian. The woman on the left came in late with her husband, who blamed their tardiness on her driving. I sent him to the bar to buy her a drink, and while he was gone I asked her to snuggle up to the well-built Aussie.

I then took a photo of the Aussie, a guy called Neil with amazing facial hair, and a man on his stag night on the front row. I tweeted and asked people what they thought was going on:


From memory my favourite response was “Worst gay pride march ever”

Finally some women in the crowd brought along a banner they made up for Honker the show mascot, that looked like this:




From left to right – Rita, Annie and Adam. Rita and Annie were 75 and 77. Adam was the guy that once told me an awful story about working in forensics that I used in “Inflatable”. Adam has started doing stand up, so I paid him a tenner to be my support act on the spot. He was good too.

I then found a man that looked a lot like Sean Connery and posed him with the ladies:


I tweeted it and asked for a caption. This time my fave was “Sean Connery opens an OAP specific rollercoaster”

I then found an incredible man called John who could well have been a spy, and gave him a Bond pose:


My final photo from this day actually took place before my show, when I did a guest spot with Nicholas Parsons. I took a photo of him and Honker, as well as a stuffed fox that an audience member had bought for her husband:



The show included Ben and Nigel a father son combo from Norwich who looked like Swedish backpackers:


Sam from Dalkeith who sounded like he could kill me:


Bill from Leith, who refused to adopt the same pose as Sam:


Harry, who looked like the long lost bearded Scottish brother of an Australian man also in the front row:


and a woman who claimed she was 15 when she had her now-20 year old son:



Sorry for the condensed versions of the shows. Of course the campaign to raise money for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children continues, with Honker as the mascot. You can still donate by clicking here DONATE

And I will have details of the Irn Bru miniature taxi auction very soon.

Til then, more to come on Tuesday



  • maureen bottriell

    24.08.2010 at 00:52 Reply

    One of the highlights of the week, a must see, Congratulations.
    A rugular, thankx

  • MutleyandMog

    24.08.2010 at 08:16 Reply

    I was there on Saturday night – 2 rows behind Rita & Annie and just next the spy John (who could actually be a double for Nicholas Parsons).
    Brilliant night – will be back again next year. x

  • Bruce Fyfe

    25.08.2010 at 08:42 Reply

    It was great as ever on Sunday.

    My girlfriend was in a shop in Glasgow tonight and the people in line in front of her were talking about how great you were and how much they enjoyed your show. She told them she totally agreed with them as shee loved every second.

    By the way when you played the Stand in Glasgow a couple of years back you described “Harry” from the photo above as “Santa”

  • Corinda Pengilly

    27.08.2010 at 23:38 Reply

    Just like to say your show on Saturday 21st was brill, everything I was told it would be.
    Your support act was awsome!!!
    Will be back again next year.

    Adams Mum !! xx xx

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