Mess Around Edinburgh – August 25 “Hats Amore”

Mess Around Edinburgh – August 25 “Hats Amore”


After a lovely day off it is back into the swing of things with another showblog.

Tonight’s audience included seven people all wearing strange hats to celebrate the 21st Birthday of their friend Hayley. They looked like this:


Of course I tweeted it and asked the question “What on earth do you think is going on here?” Responses included:

  1. pancakedays 7 dwarfs 10 yr reunion.. happy was hoping for it to be a brokeback themed event
  2. LAFOB – Village people reunion at the Y M C A
  3. dennisbrandrick – Due to a nameplate shortage at the United Nations conference, delegates must wear national hats
  4. TheAmereMortal Dunno, but if you put them all on a bus, I bet the windows would get cleaned real good

Thanks all.

The other people of note were – Alison, a Scottish woman who now lives in Australia, and is remarkably well-preserved for her 75 years:


I thought she could front a campaign to entice to move to Australia so they would age well.

The man that took the photo was Mr Michael Spiteri, a well-groomed gentleman who turned out to be the cousin of the lead singer of Texas – Sharleen Spiteri. He offered to help me garner her autograph for Honker’s charity auction this weekend.

Let’s recap:

Honker is a stuffed toy given to me on opening night by an audience member. He now has his own fundraising campaign for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, and you can donate by clicking here – DONATE

You can read all about Honker by clicking on Honker’s image on the homepage of this website.

Irn Bru donated some miniature taxis to be auctioned off, and I decided to get some famous people to sign them. I will announce the time and place of the auction very soon, as well as some special guest auctioneers, but I nabbed the first famous name yesterday when I did a radio interview with Scottish Crime Author Ian Rankin (he of Rebus fame).

Ian kindly agreed to sign a taxi for the auction:


and even posed with Honker alongside the lovely Sarah Millican:


As chuffed as I was to meet Ian Rankin, I was even more chuffed to read this tweet from him tonight:

Beathhigh Just out of Edinburgh Comedy Gala. Great spot by @adamhillscomedy, plus jack Whitehall, Sean Lock, Emo Philips, Mark Watson etc etc…

Like I said, I will release details of the auction here very soon, as well as the famous signatures as and when I get them.

For now though, g’nite all


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  • Beeski

    25.08.2010 at 22:44 Reply

    That’s so cool! Ian Rankin always comes across as such a great guy on twitter, so I’m glad he turned out to be such a good option for the taxis. đŸ™‚

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