Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 1

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 1

Hello all

I’m back in Edinburgh for another run of Mess Around, and I’m feelin’ good. Mainly because I found a good place for coffee on the way to the venue, and a great Indian restaurant on the way home. But also cos the show was fun. Here’s what happened:

As I stood backstage I marveled at how much can change in a week. Five days ago I played the last of six Mess Around shows to a Canadian audience at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. Here I was about to walk out to a Scottish audience thousands of miles away in the space of a few days. I was looking forward to a “home-town” show, to a bunch of vocal Edinburgh locals, whose accent I know, and whose attitudes I love.

I walked on stage, glanced at the first guy in the first seat in the front row, and he was wearing a shirt with “Canada” emblazoned across it. He was Dave. He was from Toronto. And Dave did impressions.

Before I could get to Dave though, I was distracted by a woman coming in late, and as I went to fetch her I noticed a young lad of thirteen in the audience.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Scott” he replied.

“Where are you from?”


Of course.

I brought Scott onstage, along with Ginny from Bristol (the lady latecomer), took a photo of them, tweeted it, and asked people what they thought was going on in the photo.


The answers ranged from

Rachel Forster @shinyredthings

His mum is very proud that she made him a shirt from a disused tablecloth, he’s trying to smile so as not to get grounded.

She is in a cult and the boy will be the vessel that will look after her soul when the apocalypse comes

You’re being introduced to your long lost son?

I then got back to the task in hand, and challenged Dave the Canadian to taker his first taste of Irn Bru. I filmed it for posterity, and if you’ve ever wondered what a Canadian looks like when he tries Scotland’s national non-alcoholic beverage, you can watch it here:

I then took it upon myself to create a few ads for Irn Bru, and asked Dave to bust out an impersonation of a famous person taking a taste. After a very average Sean Connery (it’s a brave man that attempts Sir Sean when in Scotland) he gave us this version of Dirty Harry:

I then recruited Scott, gave him a line to say, and created my impression of Justin Bieber trying Irn Bru:

While we’re on the topic of Justin Bieber, I did manage to find another young man in the audience who looked like a more current version of the Bieb. I then searched for someone who looked like Justin Bieber in thirty years time, and created a photo I like to call “The Three Stages Of Bieber”:


In keeping with the “Back From The Future” theme I also found a man that looked like me in a few years time:


Finally, a lady called Fiona was sat in the front row, in a very familiar seat.

If you followed my Mess Around blogs in Edinburgh 2010, you will be aware of Honker, a stuffed toy made by Fiona that became a star of the show. Honker went on to be photographed in various tourist spots around Edinburgh, and headed a charity campaign that raised over ten thousand pounds for The Sick Kids foundation in Edinburgh. Honker was eventually passed on to Alex, a patient at The Sick Kids who promised to take good care of him.

Well Fiona was back, and this time she brought a new stuffed toy.

An audience poll decided that this toy shall be known as Hector, and will once again spearhead a campaign to raise money for The Sick Kids.

As yet I don’t know how, but over the next two and a half weeks, I shall attempt to turn Hector into the hero that Honker once was, and see if we can better the ten grand we raised for The Sick Kids two years ago.

Stay tuned to this blog, or my twitter feed @adamhillscomedy for more info on Hector, and my attempts to make him make money for Sick Kids. There are 19 more shows to go. It’s on!

That’s all for Night One – a lovely lovely show with a great bunch of people.

More to come tomorrow, of course.



  • andy cunningham

    03.08.2012 at 12:43 Reply

    Sounds like great fun , my son and I are coming on the 14th Wednesday . He has instructed me not to sit in the front row . Good advice ?

  • Bunty

    03.08.2012 at 14:24 Reply

    I would live to donate to Hector…how?

  • Sara

    03.08.2012 at 19:36 Reply

    Great show!

    My inner librarian made me check this – the book dates from 1878 (according to the RLS website). And at least he ended up in Samoa so got some sun in the end.

  • Simon

    03.08.2012 at 22:56 Reply

    Great show but to anyone going along, two bits of advice:

    Take thin clothes or be prepared to strip off it was baking hot despite the air conditioning being at full pelt!

    The toilets are not on the way out, you really do need to climb back up the stairs you came down no matter how hard you stare at the wall….

  • Dave the impressionist

    05.08.2012 at 04:58 Reply

    It was great fun being dragged up on stage by one of my favourite comedians! Every year is a blast at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but Adam has made this one an extra special one for me! Thank you so much Adam! I’m glad i was able to contribute to your show! See you again next year!

  • Fiona

    12.08.2012 at 02:58 Reply

    Thank you Adam – both my boyfriend and I loved your show, and I’m very pleased Honker’s little brother is finally getting a chance to come out from under his sibling’s shadow to take his own stab at stardom :o) Good luck! We’ll be reading the blogs and doing what we can to raise awareness of the campaign.

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