Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 10

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 10

Hello all

It’ll be pretty clear from this photo who the star of last night’s show was:


Yes, an Irishman who lived in Australia and looks like Jesus. I found him as he made his way out of the venue ten minutes into the show because “I need a piss”. That is becoming a feature of my shows of late.

I tweeted the above photo, with the words “Clearly Jesus is doing a show at the Fringe. What should it be called?”

The responses included:

neil forrest @rusperneil nailed

FLC @flcrosbie my dad’s bigger than your dad

Brian O’Keefe @rider45 The Last Fish Supper?

Scott @dascotton 1. Cut My Hair If You Like But Leave The Fringe or 2. We May Need To Deep Fry The Fish or 3. Turning Wine To Irn Bru

Ian @Realitydenial Bradley Wiggins let’s himself go

But the one that got the biggest laugh was tweeted from within the room

louise coombs @Zaroesoul Jesus has a Hitler tash (on photo) n he’s a wanker , with love from his girlfriend! 🙂 x lol

I also took a photo of Jesus spruiking Irn Bru to the masses, and if anyone at Irn Bru reads this, feel free to use it in an advertising campaign


Finally a Swiss man called Jan came to the stage, and helped me with a photo. See, not many people know that when Jesus returned to Earth he took himself off to a day spa, and got himself cleaned up. This is the before and after shot:


And that’s really all there is to tell of last night’s show.

I will be making an announcement tonight about a charity show I intend to put on in order to raise money for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children next weekend, but in the meantime you can continue to donate to Hector here

or by texting HECT87 and an amount in pounds to 70070

More Messing to come



  • Denise from Dundee

    12.08.2012 at 22:40 Reply

    Sorry Adam you were great but Jesus stole the show x

  • Robben 'Jesus' Falvey

    12.08.2012 at 23:24 Reply

    ‘Adam Hills Personal Jesus’. Could be a sell out 😉

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