Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 13

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 13

Are we really up to Night 13? My God how time flies.

My apologies for not posting this blog last night – I was out on the town with an Olympian, but more of that later.

Last night’s show centred around a few memorable people. One was a young lad who was in no doubt that the man claiming to be his father was indeed his father. Take a look at this photo and tell me it isn’t the personification of the phrase “a chip off the old block”


Take a look at this photo of “Trent” from Australia, and tell me he isn’t an Aussie Jesus.


I tweeted the photo and asked what an Aussie Jesus might be preaching, but I have to say, the responses didn’t get the laughs I was hoping for. The only one of note was “He’s turning water into waves”

I decided that maybe Trent needed to give us a sermon of his own choosing, so I started filming and he came out with this:

It was the look at the end that sold it.

The only other audience members that really caught my attention came via twitter. I had read a tweet backstage from a lad called Christopher, who said he was in the front row. His twitter bio said he was in love with @stevieshoop. I was a little unsure who Stevie was, and why Christopher was in love with his hoop, until he pointed out his girlfriend’s name was Stevie Shoop.

In fact, there was a whole family of Shoops in the room. Three generations of Shoops. I brought them all to the stage, and asked them to pose with a plethora of bits of Olympic memorabilia that had been left for me backstage.


The Shoops do follow me on twitter, and have been to my shows before, and I was very happy to see them again.

As you can see, my search for Olympic items to auction off for The Sick Kids is bearing fruit, with a lovely audience member leaving all those items in my dressing room. The auction itself will be in my final Mess Around show, Sunday August 19 at 11.59pm. All proceeds will go to The Sick Kids in Edinburgh, and you can help out by donating at or by texting HECT87 and an amount in pounds to 70070.

I was very impressed by the Olympic stash I had accrued, but not as impressed as I was in tonight’s show…

To Be Continued…

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