Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 15

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 15

Hi peeps

I am cramming a few blogs in tonight, so in the words of Prince – “forgive me if I go too fast”.

Last night’s show was hard to document, mainly because the star of the show didn’t really want to be photographed for a blog. He was lovely, he was older, he was wearing what I thought was a cravat. His name was Tony, and he took great pleasure in telling me “You know nothing”.

He removed what I thought was a cravat, and showed me that it was in fact “a square”. Tony was a true gentleman, and I acquiesced to his wish of not including a photo of him in this blog.

The only other people of note were, well, the entire front row. They were a positively rowdy group of Geordies, all connected to a Scot who was an engineer in Kuwait. When I asked how they all knew each other, he said “From Oman”.

Of course.


I’m sure other stuff happened in the show, but these seem to be the main points.I plugged my campaign to raise money for The Sick Kids, and if you’d like to help out, please click here

Also, I plugged my final night charity gig and auction, which will be hosted by myself and Jason Byrne, tickets for which can be purchased here –

That’s all for last night’s show, now on to tonight’s blogs….


  • Jon Moore

    18.08.2012 at 23:46 Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to say “hoy a hamma ower hear hinny” to an audience. A lifetime ambition achieved

  • Andrew Saul

    19.08.2012 at 07:51 Reply

    I was the guy from Adelaide that you spoke to without using words, but you’re right, Tony was the star last night. I got to shake his hand after the show, absolute legend.

    Thanks for a great show Adam!

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