Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 16

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 16

Unlike last night’s show, I have plenty of photos to show you, of both shows I did tonight.

First up, the early show:

It all started with a tweet I received before the show of a guide dog asleep in the front row, with the caption “Harsh criticism for Adam Hills before the gig even starts”

I decided to take  photos of the dog, called Eamonn, through the show to document his interest levels over the hour. Here’s how it started:


Next up I found an Aussie with the best name ever – Brock Ditchmen. And here’s his license to prove it:


Turns out Brock was with his girlfriend, whose surname was “Officer”. So I took this photo:


and called it “An Officer and a Ditchmen”

Eamon seemed to like this bit


In amongst all this, I found out it was the 18th birthday of a young lady in the front row called Tori. I gave her Dad twenty quid and asked him to go out and buy a drink and a present for her. He came back with a bottle of Vodka, and a wee Highland Cow, and we sang Happy Birthday to Tori:


Eamon was not impressed


There was a little banter with a Dutch guy called Alex:


and I found an American called Karen, who I educated in the ways of “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?”


Eamon was so excited he came on stage for a visit


And Tori’s family seemed happy too


In other news, my search for Olympic memorabilia to auction for The Sick Kids took an interesting twist, when an audience member told me he was mates with a Silver medal winning swimmer from Glasgow called Michael Jamieson. I asked for the audience member’s phone number, but he gave me Michael’s instead, so I called him from the stage.

Not only was Michael OK with me calling him, he offered to donate something to my charity auction for Sunday. What a champion!

The charity show and auction will be at Assembly Hall at midnight, and will be hosted by me and Jason Byrne (Mark Watson and Marcus Brigstocke are also threatening to drop in). So far I will be auctioning a Team GB shirt signed by comedians, a pair of Official Australian Racing Swimmers, signed by Bronze medallist Brenton Rickard, and whatever Michael can come up with.

Tickets are available here

and you can donate directly here or by texting HECT87 and an amount in pounds to 70070

Finally I took a wrap up photo of Eamon and his owner, a lovely Australian photographer who has an exhibition at The Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh. I highly recommend it.


That was all for an exciting first show, but what a difference a few hours makes…

The late show was rowdy, drunken, and mainly centred around the front row. They were from Norwich, they were all related, and they were celebrating Lewis’ 18th Birthday (it seemed to be the night for it)


They brought along their own party poppers, balloons, and a card, so we saved them all up and ended the show with a party-poppin, balloon-bouncin rendition of Happy Birthday.

I also managed to find a young American lad who impressed me mightily by knowing who Norman Borlaug was


and serenaded Kimberley from Australia, who was an Environmental Scientist


and that was the end of my night. A lovely, long, lively one indeed.

Only two more nights left of my Edinburgh season of Mess Around. I will of course, let you know how they go.



  • Lucy

    18.08.2012 at 16:17 Reply

    Adam!! I am from Sydney and yesterday was my first full day at Edinburgh (I have moved here for a year). By chance I got the last ticket and have never laughed so much!!!! I have been a huge fan of yours since spicks and specks first started but never got the chance to see you live, you are awesome!!! Keep up the great work and good luck with the auction!!

  • Kate Martin

    18.08.2012 at 22:41 Reply

    Hi Adam, another fellow Aussie here and friend of Andrew Follows and his guide dog Eamon who you met at your show last night! I’ve been working with Andrew over the last 2 years on our exhibition here in Edinburgh – thanks so much for mentioning it in your show last night! Hope you get to make it over to have a look.

    Saw your show on the 12th too – absolutely brilliant! Best show I saw at the Fringe and haven’t laughed that hard in ages.

    All the best,


  • Kimberly (the enviro)

    18.08.2012 at 22:54 Reply

    Hi Adam, thank you for the lovely serenade! I was wondering if there was a video somewhere online with my favourite skit of yours from the days of ‘go you beg red fire engine!’, so the early 2000’s? It was a Gladiator/Steve Irwin mashup you did (on Rove I believe) and it was hilarious. So hilarious I used to recited it for my friends at school on occasion. If you have any idea where to find that footage, I would be very excited!

    Thanks for the unique and enjoyable performance 🙂

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