Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 18

Well, the last regular show of Mess Around was one to remember – for many reasons.

After doing my usual faffing about with the crowd, I stumbled upon a young couple who looked very much in love. His name was Alexander, and he had traveled eight hours from John-O-Groats to be with his girlfriend. It was your classic love story – a psychology and history student working as a barmaid, courted by a Royal Tour Guide of the Castle Mays (I think that’s what he said)



Compared to the couple of thirty years alongside them, it was like a before and after shot


Meanwhile two guys in the front row provided a slightly different before and after shot


However the excitement of the night came via an absent Olympian.

You may remember a few nights ago I called Silver medallist Michael Jamieson from the stage, after a mate in the audience gave me his number. Well, Michael promised to come to the show and bring something for me to auction off for The Sick Kids.

I organised tickets for Michael, but just before the show he texted me to say there was only one ticket at the box office, so I’d have to make do without him. I called him during the show and left a message, begging for him and his mate to come along, and with ten minutes to go he replied to say he was on his way.

As if written by a Hollywood screenwriter, Michael made it in the dying minute of the show. Not only did he sign a Team GB shirt for the auction, he also brought along the Silver medal, and once again our stuffed toy called Hector wore an Olympic medal – this time Silver.



Michael was such a lovely and generous guy, and I was gutted that a mix up meant he didn’t get to see the show. Thankfully he was a great sport (pun intended) about it, and he set the scene for the Charity Auction later in the night.

Before we document it though, let’s remember how it all started.

2010: A lady called Fiona brings a stuffed toy called Honker to my show. We make him the star of the show, and use him to raise money for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. It culminates in Jason Byrne and I hosting a Charity Auction of toy Irn Bru taxis, signed by Iain Rankin, Biffy Clyro, Steven Moffat, Kevin Bridges, and Jason, Mark Watson, John Bishop and myself.

2012: Fiona brings along Hector, and the whole thing starts again. This time, I decided to find Olympic memorabilia, and thanks to some well-connected audience members, and random gifts from other audience members, the items we auctioned included: A Team GB Olympic scarf, a Team GB inflatable mascot, a Team GB Sports Bottle, a Team GB shirt (all of which were signed by the comics on stage) and a Team GB rucksack.

By the way, I should mention that the comedians on stage included Marcus Brigstocke, Heath Franklin as Chopper, Jason Byrne, myself, John Bishop and eventually Jimeoin. Mark Watson couldn’t make it but he did sign the shirt.

There were also some books on Olympians, provided last minute, but the biggest items were the signed bits and pieces, which included:

A Team GB shirt, signed by Scottish 800m runner Lynsey Sharp. Sold for 100 pounds!

A pair of Official Aussie Team swimming racers, signed by Bronze Medallist Brenton Rickard. Sold to Heath Franklin as Chopper for 200 pounds!

A Team GB top, signed by Silver Medallist Michael Jamieson. As you can imagine, the bidding was fierce, and it hotted up when John Bishop suggested we each throw in four tickets to our next gigs.

Higher and higher the bidding climbed, until a man called Robert eventually won the day with a bid of 800 pounds.

Combining this with the tickets sales for the night, I estimate we raised around three thousand pounds for The Sick Kids. But it’s not over…

You see, I had a sneaky feeling there may be a few more items handed in after the auction. And I was right. A lady called Danielle called me to say she has tracked down a Team GB Cycling top signed by Gold Medal winner Steven Burke. Meanwhile Miachael Jamieson also signed his Team GB swimming cap. And someone has left a gift in an envelope for me at the venue, even though I have ducked back to London for a few nights to appear on a Paralympics TV Show.

So…we have scheduled another Charity Auction – this Thursday at midnight at Assembly Hall. Once again it will be hosted by Jason Byrne and me, and all tickets sales and auction bids will go to the Sick Kids.

You can buy tickets here – and if it’s anything like last night, it may go on for a while.

Just when I think I’m out of the Fringe, I drag myself back in again.

Of course, you can donate to the cause wherever you are by clicking here or by texting HECT87 and an amount in pounds to 70070 (if you’re in the UK)

Thanks in incalculable amounts to John Bishop, Mark Watson, Heath Franklin, Jimeoin, Marcus Brigstocke and my amazing buddy Jason Byrne. There are no words to describe the talent of our sign interpreters Yvonne and Catherine The Great, and my everlasting gratitude to the venue staff who made it all happen.

Of course, to all the audience members that helped collate the items I say thank you, the same goes to those that bid last night, and every last bit of love I have goes to Lynsey Sharp, Brenton Rickard and Michael Jamieson for being champions in every sense of the word.

And now – to do it all again on Thursday.

More to come, but only a bit



  • Kirsten

    21.08.2012 at 08:47 Reply

    I think it’s the Castle of Mey, not Castle Mays.

    I enjoyed the auction last night – I just wish I’d had money to spend on things!

  • Jane

    22.08.2012 at 00:47 Reply

    Adam-it’s the Castle of Mey-belonged to Queen Mother-open to public for tours now-it’s in wild,windy and remote Caithness.

    Enjoyed your shows as always-but please-some new material for
    next year/2014-have heard Pizza joke and meeting Queen joke four
    times now.

    Well done on fantastic fund raising for Sick Kids-we saw MJ in bar
    after on Sunday and got to see and hold his Silver medal(why does that sound so rude?!)
    Anyway what a lovely young man.
    All the very best for paralympics-and ‘haste ye back'(that’s-come back soon) x

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