Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 2

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 2

Welcome to the second of my Edinburgh Mess Around showblogs, designed to report on the nightly goings on in my shows.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what happened in tonight’s show. I’m looking back at the photos I took of the audience members, and I don’t think any of them do justice to the madness that took place on stage.

For instance, there was Rosetta (her last name, sadly, was not Stone) who came from “near Adelaide”, was a midwife, and was married to a guy who was also a midwife. In fact they met while they were both midwives. She looked like this:


Then there was the guy in the front row, who was dressed, according to me, like a “gay heavy metal fan” He was actually in the crowd two years ago as well, both times with his wife, and was an excellent sport:


Then there was James. James was a twenty-three year old from London who was up in London to check out a few shows. He came in late, so he ended up on stage. I took it upon my self to find him a lady for the night, and a woman by the name of Eleanor was immediately dobbed in by her friend.

Eleanor said she quite liked younger men, so I brought her to the stage and set her up on a date with James. They promised to go out for a drink after the show, then return tomorrow with photographic evidence of how the night went.


I also threw Hector into the mix though. Hector, of course, is the stuffed toy made for me by an audience member named Fiona. Hector looks like this:


Fiona and James promised to take Hector out for a night on the town, and include him in their date.

Hector by the way, will now become the “face” of my campaign to raise money for the Sick Kids. A Just Giving site has been set up for him here thanks to a blog reader named Tom – and I will also tweet details of how to donate. I am aiming to beat the ten thousand pounds raised for Honker in 2010.

There were so many other lovely people in the crowd tonight – the lady who yelled “Go you big red fire engine” at the top of the show, and later “Push bitch” when I was trying to re-enact childbirth. The couple that came in late, and found me sitting in one of their seats. The seventeen-year-old who probably had an interesting story but I just never got around to it.

However, the person everyone will remember was a young fella who, with twenty minutes left in the show, strode from his seat across the stage, saying simply “Sorry man, I’m burstin’ for a pish, eh”. It was the combination of bravado, politeness, and Scottish brogue that won me over.

Later in the show I asked him to come to the stage, face away from the crowd, and look like he was having a pee – as a pose for a photo of course. He took it way further than I had expected:


I won’t describe what I saw when I went around to the front, but I’m glad I didn’t photograph it.

Somehow, all of the above took up an entire hour, and once again proved my point that the audience are far more interesting than any celebrity. Tomorrow I will post the photos of James and Eleanor’s date with Hector, and do my best to ramp up Hector’s charity campaign.

Til then – go you big red fire engine!



  • Andy Hamilton

    04.08.2012 at 16:34 Reply

    The best show I’ve seen at the fringe in years! I’ve seen Adam quite a few times before and this was brilliantly done!
    He’s always a must see at the Fringe! Was gutted my other half didn’t want to sit in the front row…

  • Gordon Storie

    04.08.2012 at 21:03 Reply

    Great show was sitting next to Rossetta which was funny as she asked me what you were talking about a few times. You must be turning into a scot Adam!
    Looking forward to the next time.

  • Zoe

    04.08.2012 at 21:24 Reply

    Great laughs last night! hahaha

  • Atif Ahmed

    04.08.2012 at 21:26 Reply

    Was at the show this night & couldn’t have had a better time. Have been to see you a few times – including your Adam, Jason & friends show & make a point of seeing you everytime i do the festival. Going to try & come to see you again this year if i get a chance – maybe even get to participate again!
    (The geek who knew about Norman Borlaug)

  • Sham

    04.08.2012 at 22:50 Reply

    Was at the show in front row on Friday and it was class. You could not have scripted that if you had tried. Pure class again even after 10 years of following your shows – look forward to next year

  • David Tucker and Adrian Maccarone

    05.08.2012 at 00:07 Reply

    Adam we came to Edinbrugh for the Tattoo and when we found out you were performing just had to see you as we are going through Spicks and Specks withdrawals in Qld. We were disappointed that no tickets were avilable for Friday night but persisted and hung round till 5.30pm to see if any came available and they did….wow what a show and what a great ambassador for oz you are. The crowd certainly helped you last night, but you lead them down the path of comedy – honestly we could have sat there for another three hours despite the heat….a show to see!!!!

  • Steph McVie

    05.08.2012 at 05:43 Reply

    Best festival show I’ve been to in years! Can’t wait to see how the date went! Ha

  • Steven Rudland

    05.08.2012 at 12:14 Reply

    Agreed with my good friend Steph above – terrific unscripted comedy. I’m actually Calum’s pal – the guy who “took a pish” – his first Festival. I assure you – he’ll be back!

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