Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 5

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 5

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a show fun.

Tonight I walked on stage, found a young boy in the front row and started chatting to him.

“Ask him his name” said his Dad, so I did.

His name was Adam Hill.

Of course I dragged him onstage, sent him offstage, played my intro music, and introduced him to a massive round of applause. I think he was tempted to bust out fifteen minuets of material.

I took a photo of him in a comedian-in-front-of-the-audience pose, tweeted it, and asked people what the name of his own comedy show should be.


I quite liked:

Gray @GrayEuk The Hill’s have Ayes

Other audience favourites included:

Tom Hreben @HrebenTom Brother from another Mother?

Carol, 37, UK @Carol34UK “this isn’t the Hill you are looking for”

but the clear winnner was

Lisa E @LizzieLisa The One With Two Legs.

I then asked Adam to return to my final show to close my season with a duet of Jake The Peg, and he replied “What night?” followed by “I’d love to but I live 400 Miles Away”

I then closed the show by serenading him with my own version of “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers, but singing “400 Miles” instead. I’m very clever.

There were other people of note in the audience, mainly the guy from San Francisco who has been to my shows so many times that not only did I recognise him, but I remembered “marrying” him and his boyfriend on stage a few years ago. If you’re wondering, they split up, but they’re still friends.

There was also a lovely lady called Jenny from Melbourne, who told me she had just celebrated a “big” birthday. I guessed at 50, but figured it was really 60. Turns out she was 70, and is traveling the world with a stuffed bear called Albert.

I brought Jenny on stage, and may I say she bounded down the steps with the sprightly gait of a twenty year-old, and she posed with both Albert and Hector (the stuffed toy given to me on Night One)


Don’t forget you can support Hector’s campaign to raise money for The Sick Kids by clicking and donating here:

Somehow those two things took up an hour. And that was  the show.

I’ll do this all again tomorrow, and update you all over again then



  • Jeni Robinson

    07.08.2012 at 19:36 Reply

    Love your shows and humour, Adam. My daughter put me onto Spicks and Specks only last year – thank goodness for ABC2’s reruns every night at 7.00 p.m. Has to be the best show ever – love that there are no prizes on offer, just loads of fun and wonderful memories for your guests (and audience) to take home with them instead. Chookas for all you do. (And if possible, bring S&S back – music goes on forever and so should your show!)

  • Jenny Morgan

    08.08.2012 at 10:19 Reply

    Hi Adam,
    I had so much fun on your show last night – now I am a celeb!!! (well here in Edinburgh).
    People at the youth hostel where i am staying recognised me (probably the hat) and I sat up till after midnight chatting to a young guy from Oz, then in the bathroom this morning a lovely lass from Melb said how good I was in the show!!!!
    Don’t worry I am not giving up my job back home at LaTrobe Uni.
    But seriously I loved chatting to people after the show (no one asked for an auto graph though).
    I loved the format last night and your ability to keep it going so brilliantly.
    You are certainly in the right job – but I miss S and S!!
    Wasn’t young Adam good value!!1
    I was going to email a couple of Albert photos but not sure best way to do that.
    He went 10 pin bowling one day!!
    Also, congrats on the effort you put into helping sick kids.
    jenny Morgan

    I admire your ability to respond to a situation, comment or whatever, so quickly and with the

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