Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 9

Mess Around Edinburgh – Night 9

Tonight’s show started with a guy giving me the devil’s horns as I took to the stage. Turns out he was an Aussie, called Paris.

Not surprisingly with a name like Paris he doesn’t live in Australia any more. Somehow from Paris I moved onto a guy in the front row called Zarino Zappia. Best. Name. Ever. A quick google search revealed he worked in IT, and had his own website. He was sitting next to Oliver and Tom, and they all studied at Cambridge. Of course.


That’s Zarino in the middle.

There was also an awesome Scottish guy from Glenrothes who works as a Foster carer and looked exactly like the guy you want to be putting kids back on the straight and narrow


I couldn’t understand much of what he said, so I searched for an Aussie with whom I could have an unintelligible conversation. I found a Federal Police Officer from Alice Springs, who said I could only take his photo if we covered up his eyes.


He was sitting just behind two Scottish couples who were also relatively unintelligible but quite lovely. When I joking suggested they hadn’t had sex for two decades, one of the men replied “Three”. To which one of the wives added “and you won’t for another three”


Finally I continued my routine of filming people trying Irn Bru for the first ime, with an Aussie lass who now lives in Switzerland, called … Her response was one of my favourites, and you can see it here

Well, that’s all for tonight’s showblog. All that’s left is to plug the website at which you can donate to the Sick Kids campaign and wish you good night.

Good night.

Oh, after all that I forgot to get a photo of Paris. I’m an idiot.



  • Fiona

    11.08.2012 at 11:04 Reply

    No, just jet lagged.

  • William Watson

    12.08.2012 at 18:34 Reply

    Adam, great show, I was one of the Scottish couples, along with my brother and our wives. Thanks for the laughs a really good night.

  • Margaret Watson

    14.08.2012 at 04:34 Reply

    Hi Adam great show I was the wife of Dim, (Jim) and we were there with his brother Dimmer, (William) and lovely wife. will be back loved the show.

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