Mess Around – It’s Poster Time

Mess Around – It’s Poster Time

Here it is people, the poster you’ve all been waiting for.

But first, the story so far: I have decided that throughout this Festival I will do my best to make a mild-mannered IT Manager I found in my opening night’s audience as famous as possible. I want Chris Hughes to be more famous than Shiloh Jolie Pitt.

Chris only agreed to go through with it if we raised money for a charity that gives physical therapy to people with cystic fibrosis – The Simon Rhoden Foundation. At last count (bearing in mind it is only four days into the festival) we have raised over $2000. If we hit $20000 Chris will perform a strip in Federation Square on the final night of the Festival. Other audience members have offered lycra, a barbeque and to MC the strip.

There is now a viral video available at

and for higher quality

a facebook page here

And you can join in the donations here

Or with this PayPal link

Now here it is folks, the official Chris Hughes poster. Please print it off, stick it up, take a photo and send it to me at Oh, and if you know anyone famous, please film or photograph them endorsing the poster too.


It’s in your hands now.

I will be filming Spicks and Specks til Friday and may be offline til then, so I’ll update you later in the wek.

All the best



  • Patrice Petropouleas

    30.03.2010 at 00:06 Reply

    I have always loved your performances. Even back in the day I thought your name was Wil Anderson 😀 Before I get going I should apologise, my friend and I quite possibly gave you the fright of your life during the fringe. You were walking down rundle street from the garden and we practically spear tackled you for a handshake and awkward silence. Sorry!

    Now to start off your shows are always uplifting and heartfelt and well, the reasons that your shows are always sold out isn’t hard to figure out. I first saw you during your inflatable tour in adelaide and your show really lifted me out of a dark place. Just went through what inspired your show and to see you honouring your mates memory was inspiring. Now, whenever I start feeling down the inflatable boy joke always perks me right up again. To be truthful I had forgotten to laugh before I made it to your show (and Wil’s) where you reintroduced it all over again. For that I thank you. You’re always genuine with your shows and well, people respect that. Dont ever change! You have an amazing talent and now to see you putting it to good use now to help a charity it fantastic.

    Now to the point of my comment ;P I work at a telco (please feel free to insert your own joke here. We know we are easy targets) in Adelaide and when you next see Chris Hughes tell him that his poster will be plastered around our office and I will be doing a round to collect money to donate via pay pal. Although if you have the PG rated version it might help me not get fired 😀

    Also I will be plastering the poster around Adelaide Uni to get the donations rolling from across the border.

    Hopefully we’ll be able to place a dent in the $20,000 target.

    Good luck!

  • Callum

    30.03.2010 at 10:07 Reply

    hey adam,
    came to your show the other night. I was one of the people who actually lived in bacchus marsh. loved your story of the man himself (arther). just letting you know i will be heading down to grant street pizza during the holidays and will definatly be getting a photo of the legend.

  • Kate McQueen

    30.03.2010 at 14:30 Reply

    Love the poster!
    Latest TALLY for donations = $2,224.56

    Note: just thought I’d mention:

    See The Age today p20 ‘going nude for a good cause’ article.
    According to The Age he is ‘going nude’ – so let’s not let them down !
    so to speak…..

    Thanking you,

  • Casey

    31.03.2010 at 00:32 Reply

    Hey Adam
    I was just wondering if you could mention my video in one of your blogs alongside Geoffo’s, mine is just slightly different to his and I’m just wanting a part in this whole thing, i think it’s really fantastic what you’re doing.

    My version of the ad:

    Catcha next time

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