Mess Around LA – Hitchslapped!

Mess Around LA – Hitchslapped!

Well, the third and final Los Angeles Mess Around show took place last night at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Lab, helped along nicely by a front row of very giggly Aussies.

Eriana was there and explained to me that she managed to confuse the manager by asking for the “Cah Pahk”. I somehow managed to teach her how to say “Carrr Parrrk” and then “Parrrking Lot” with an American accent. I later decided that she should stick to her original Aussie strine, and see if we can all get it to catch on in Hollywood.

Next to Eriana was her “Stoned But Not On Drugs” brother, another Aussie whose partner was in Belize helping women who were victims of domestic abuse, and a lady that worked for the Australian Federal Government. They all bonded, even though they had never met before the show, and even gave each other lifts home afterwards.

Of course, the ongoing story of the last three shows has centred around a hapless accountant from Adelaide called Ryan. On the first night of the show, Ryan turned up in a ratty “I Love Poker” t shirt, jeans and thongs (or flip flops as they call them here).

I set out to find Ryan a PR job in LA (since he isn’t qualified as an accountant here) posed him with two hot ladies in the audience and created this poster:


Last week I gave them out to the audience and asked them to post them around the States. These ones went up in San Jose State University:


And this made its way to Las Vegas:


I also spoke to a friend of mine who is producing a movie financed by hip hop DJ Big Boy, who said she needed an on set publicist. So with the help of AJ from the audience (who just happened to be a film director) we shot a musical job application and posted it on Youtube here:

As you can see, at the time of writing this blog, over 900 people have viewed it.

I showed the finished video to the audience, and invited Ryan to the stage to tell him – my friend was indeed impressed and has offered him a few days on set as an unpaid PR.

Ryan then trumped me by telling me he has also managed to pick up two other jobs on his own – one publicising a web series, and another for a Beverly Hills PR firm. He was even dressed appropriately – pants, shirt, tie – and handed me his business card afterwards. Our little boy is all grown up (sniff).

I took a final photo of Ryan with a couple of celebrities who just happened to be in the crowd: American guitarist extraordinaire Kaki King, and Australian Sunrise host Melissa Doyle.


So there you have it, the short Mess Around run is over. In  three weeks we saw little Ryan develop from a gormless Adelaide tourist in jeans and flip flops to a high-falootin Beverly Hills/Hip Hop Publicist, and had guest audience appearances from Jordie Lane, Mia Dyson, Rove McManus, Wes Carr, Kaki King and Mel from Sunrise.

As for me, a lot of Hollywood “industry” made it to the shows, but couldn’t quite work out what was going on. Therefore I am now going to do one night only of “Inflatable” the stand up show I toured last year, just to prove I can actually do stand up comedy as well. It will be this Thursday at The Comedy Central Stage on Santa Monica Blvd, with tickets available for free by calling (323) 960-5519 or emailing

I’d love to see you there. (I’ve just noticed the font has changed on this but am not sure how to change it back. Arse. We’ll just have to live with it)

Big ups to Reggie my main man on sound at The Improv who has now been charged by me with the task of introducing Aussie Hip Hop to LA, as well as everyone that made it down to the shows (even the people that came all the way from San Jose). I’ve had a ball in LA, and while I’m doing shout outs, I’d like to give a massive plug to The Comedy And Magic Club at Hermosa Beach. I’ve been doing unpaid spots there every week, and LOVING it.

That’s all for now, hope to see you on Thursday if you’re in LA.

Oh by the way – some exciting news just in! I have been asked to play cricket in the Hollywood Ashes match on Sunday. My brother Brad has also been drafted so if you’re in the Van Nuys area on Sunday, come on down. Details are at

And if you can’t make it, I’ll take a few photos and blog about it.

Til then



  • Erin

    25.09.2010 at 14:23 Reply

    Names Erin not Eriana but it’s a bit more bogan-chic isn’t it.. I might keep it that way hahaha..

  • jacqui

    25.09.2010 at 19:24 Reply

    Hi Adam,
    well done on grooming little Ryan!….
    When will you be back in London?
    Could you get together with some of my favourite standups and do a joint gig?
    Dara O’Briarn? I’d love to know when Dara was lost for words..if ever.
    When were you last lost for words?


  • Brodie Butler

    26.09.2010 at 09:04 Reply

    haha thats awesome and nice photo in vegas A.J.
    Wish I could have made the last show and the next one but I’m back down under for a while. Was plenty of fun!

  • Heather

    24.10.2010 at 14:28 Reply

    Glad to see we got a happy ending for Ryan! It’s too bad I wasn’t out there for the last mess-around show but I’m thrilled I got to catch your one-shot of Inflatable in LA. I hope the Mysterious Hollywood Industry (who are these people? are they men in black?) was impressed.

    Thanks again for some truly great shows, and it was a pleasure and an honour to meet you (& be Twitter-stalked by you). You’re always welcome to return to LA or come up in the San Fran/San Jose direction (I’m working to ‘convert’ as many Americans as I can to your comedy). Hopefully I can return the favour sometime and come to Australia to catch another of your shows. 🙂 Til then, I hope you keep on joymongering.



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