Mess Around LA – “Ryan C Chest”

Mess Around LA – “Ryan C Chest”

Howdy (as they say in the States, well, some states)

I performed my second Mess Around show in LA last night, and immediately found a likeable chap in the front row to talk to. He looked familiar. He looked a lot like Australian Idol winner Wes Carr but with a funky haircut. Turns out it was Australian idol winner Wes Carr with a funky haircut.

I asked him to come to the stage and then asked a blonde lady (Natalie from last week’s audience) to help me recreate a before and after shot. For those of you who don’t know, Wes originally had long flowing blonde locks, and looked a little like this:


Now he looks like this:


Wes had been in Nashville recording a new album, and told me he had started the day having a coffee with Alice Cooper. Sweet.

Next up I met a lovely lady from Michigan called Lynn, who told me she was a rocket scientist. I asked what they compare Rocket Science to when they’re taking things too seriously (eg “Hey, it’s not rocket science”) and she told me it was brain surgery. Good to know.

I then took a photo of her with Natalie, tweeted it and asked people what they thought each of the ladies did for a living:


Responses included:

  1. dbirdie Left – Lioness tamer. Right – Untameable lioness . . .
  2. MrAndrewD standing – porn star, sitting porn film script writer. Leopard skin gives it away.
  3. aussenatesnoop The standing one is an accountant, the sitting one is a Hooters waitress/barmaid
  4. liz_baillie ventriloquist & dummy. Question is, which ones the dummy?
  5. thedeadman one is Perth’s best girl and one is Perth’s best cougar! 😉

Nice ones people.

We then moved onto the life of Ryan – an accountant from last week’s audience to whom I made a promise. I promised to find Ryan a job in Hollywood.

Now last week I took a photo of Ryan to turn into a poster to put up around LA to get him a job as an accountant. Turns out Ryan isn’t qualified to be an accountant in the States, and is looking for a job in PR or marketing. I put my mind to it, came up with a slogan that incorporated Ryan’s surname and ended up with this:


I printed off 40 posters and distributed them among the crowd, asking them to put the posters up in locations across LA, and then send me the photos of them.

I then revealed the fact that I may ahve already found a job for Ryan. During the week I spoke to a friend of mine who is producing a movie – you can read about it here – and may need an on set publicist. She couldn’t make it to the show, so I decided we should film a job interview and send it on to her.

Thankfully, AJ (the film director from last week) came back with a camera. A proper camera. See, AJ, Natalie and friends were on their way to Las Vegas to shoot a rap video for a Ukrainaian guy called Illusha (he was also in last week’s audience). They brought the camera along and offered to film Ryan’s job application.

When I say job application, what I mean is “the song I wrote for Ryan to advertise himself”. During the week, I twisted the lyrics of the Roy Orbison song “Crying” to be “Ryan” (see what I did there?) and added a little hip hop rap of my own at the end. I called upon my wife and soprano Ali McGregor to do the singing bit, I rapped, AJ filmed it, Natalie and Mem (the girls from the poster) danced, and the crowd went wild.

I even persuaded Wes Carr, and another Aussie star in the crowd, Rove McManus, to come to the stage and make cameo appearances.

It now falls to me to edit the video together, upload it to youtube and send it off as Ryan’s job application. As soon as it is ready, I will post it here, on twitter, on my facebook site, and on youtube – so stay tuned.

The final LA Mess Around show is next Thursday, where we will see where Ryan’s poster ended up, and find out if he gets a job on a film set.

Of course, I’ll update you on it all.

Til then



  • Carol34uk

    18.09.2010 at 18:39 Reply

    Shouldn’t someone who wants to work in PR be able to come up with his own slogan/marketing? No offence Adam as I love your little missions normally but this one seems a bit “meh”

    Love your blog as always.

    C. Xx

  • Heather

    19.09.2010 at 12:11 Reply

    Hi Adam,

    Here are my 2 photos of putting up Ryan’s posters. We’re the 3 Americans who drove down from ~San Fran area to see your show. We decided to put the posters up at San Jose State University, one of California’s oldest Unis, since most people would be putting them up in LA. This is on the flyer wall right outside the art building:
    Good luck Ryan!! And thank you for a great night Adam! I’m a long-time fan and it was like Christmas had come early when I found out you were doing gigs in California. Thanks for being such an awesome person and making the world a better place. 🙂

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