Mess Around LA – Ryan’s Video!!!

Mess Around LA – Ryan’s Video!!!

Hello people

If you’ve been following my LA shows you’ll know this but: last week I set out to find a job for a poor feckless Aussie in LA who wants to work in PR. I came up with a slogan, got some audience members as models, and even approached a friend of mine who is making a movie and needs an on set publicist.

I decided to make a video job application for Ryan, whipped up some new lyrics to an old song, and added a wee rap at the end. My amazing wife Ali McGregor on vocals (and editing), audience member AJ on camera, audience members Natalie and Mem busting out some dance moves, and a wee cameo by a couple of famous Aussies in the crowd, you can watch the video here:

Hope you like it. Pass it on. We’ll find out next week if Ryan gets the job.


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  • Lynda

    19.09.2010 at 20:52 Reply

    Nice work! Love the singing and it’s possibly the only rapping I’ll ever like.

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