Mess Around London Oct 20 – Go You Big IT Consultant!

Mess Around London Oct 20 – Go You Big IT Consultant!


Tonight’s show started with me giving weather updates from around the globe on my iPhone (not sure why) and quickly moved onto a couple of latecomers. She was from Brisbane, he was from Surrey and was called Afi (I assumed it was short for “Affluent”). They then connected with another guy from Brisbane on the other side of the room, even though they didn’t know each other.

I then asked if anyone was in from Adelaide and played my favourite Adelaide game – Two Degrees Of Separation. It entails finding two people from Adelaide that don’t know each other and seeing how long it takes to find someone they both know.

In tonight’s case Belinda from Hawthorn and Candice from Glenelg found out within the space of a minute that they studied the exact same course as each other at the only two schools in Adelaide that offered that course, and that Belinda’s father taught at Candice’s school. Brilliant.

I also brought on stage and unwrapped a lovely present from a woman called Sally Anne, who had bought a little something along for my baby daughter. It was a fluffy dalmation toy, and a whirring, vibrating gizmo that looked a little like a Disney Vibrator. Lovely though. Since both Sally Anne and another woman in the crowd were both wearing Go You Big Red Fire Engine t shirts, I thought it was time to recreate the whole GYBRFE story, using Chris in the front row as my “James Brown”.

Chris, an extremely shy IT Consultant, took to the stage and became the ultimate James brown tribute act, yelling his name to the crowd with gusto, and dropping to his knees with both vim and vigour. After it was done I asked him to recreate the moment with a Rock Star pose, and this is what he gave me:


I see.

By the way, I also took a shot of the two ladies in their GYBRFE shirts:


Oh, I also followed up on the whole Emily situation from last week. Emily was the lady that came to the show alone, so I called her boyfriend, then sent him a sexy text from her, then recorded an audience member saying suggestive things to him. When I rang she was on skype with him, so she hung up on him and called me back – I may have made things worse by calling. She promised that when she skyped him back she would begin by saying Go You Big Red Fire Engine.

I promised to call her tomorrow to see if that helped. I can’t help feeling I’m making a Russell Brand/Jonathon Ross-esque mess of their lives.

That’s all for now, as always the staff of the Soho Theatre are unparallelled as are the audiences.

More to come tomorrow


PS ON my night off I flew to Glasgow to record an episode of “Ask Rhod Gilbert?” that featured Eastenders actress Rita Simons and ex-Dr Who David Tennant. Two more lovely people I could not hope to have met. The show will air in the UK on Monday at 10.30pm.

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