Mess Around London Oct 21 – “A Little Ray Of Sun Shine”

Mess Around London Oct 21 – “A Little Ray Of Sun Shine”


Again, my apologies for late blogging. Basically, my Wed night show of Mess Around was all about a girl called Sun.

Sun arrived late with her friends who she claimed “should have done their research”, and by her own admission was a wee bit tipsy. She clearly didn’t want to be on stage, and grasped onto my hand for dear life. However, she was also brilliant.

Sun quizzed audience members on where they lived and what they did for a living, spouted off about Wayne Rooney, eschewed the microphone and only agreed to be photographed for my blog if she “looked hot”. I assured her she did.

I somehow became distracted by a lady called Sandy, and realised we had Sun and Sand in the room. I thought if I could find someone whose name began with C we could have “Sun, Sand and C” and the first person I turned to was called Caz. Perfect.

I gathered the three ladies and took a photo of (in order) Sun, Sand and C:


I was then  persuaded to join the shot, to create “Sun, Sand, C and Hills”:



The show ended on a strange note, when a couple who had spent the entire hour chatting, whispering and canoodling decided to leave five minutes before the end. When I asked why they were leaving, they fell silent. When I asked why they had chosen now to be quiet, the man replied “Cos it’s the only time you’ve been funny”. I then asked them to leave. I won’t repeat the words I used.

Thankfully, their seats were immediately filled by Sun and her friends, as they replaced a comedy black hole with a little bit of sunshine.

Appropriately we all finished the show by serenading Sun with “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles.

More proof that lovely people with sunny dispositions can counter the forces of negativity.



  • Caz

    23.10.2010 at 00:35 Reply

    Hi Adam, the show was fantastic on wednesday night, well worth travelling from up north to see you. Getting up on the stage with you infront of the audience was terrifying but I enjoyed it so much. I am the sea “C”, haha.
    Hope you will be doing shows up north closer to my hometown of Lancashire in the not so distant future.
    Thank you for the photo’s and autograph. Hope the remaining gigs go well.

    Lots of love, Caz xxxxx

  • C

    23.10.2010 at 01:55 Reply

    Hi, I’m C, well Charlotte is my proper name but people call me “C” and I’m one of the aforementioned Sun’s housemates.

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to Adam for such a great night. Apologies that we turned up a little later than planned, the pitstop by the bar for a bottle of red wine decanted into 3 plastic glasses was essential.

    My other housemate Nadia’s (who is from Perth) recommendation about your gig didn’t disappoint and I never knew that Sun was such a superstar!!

    Great night. Cheers!

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