Mess Around London Oct 22 – “Jason and the Lager-nauts”

Mess Around London Oct 22 – “Jason and the Lager-nauts”


Last night’s show featured a number of audience members, but started with a man called Jason who took a photo of me as soon as I walked on stage. He said it was for his wife who couldn’t make it to the show as she is disabled. Turns out Jason cares for her full-time, and was having a week away at a Carer’s Hotel, while his wife went into respite in Southampton.

I then decided we should take a succession of photos of Jason as he enjoyed the show, and send it to her, starting with this one:

london and Adam 017

I also found an Aussie in the crowd called Ben, who was wearing a pair of socks designed to remind him of England’s historic Rugby World Cup win a few years ago:



To the right of both Ben and Jason was a young man called Fraser, who kindly went to the bar to buy a Magner’s for Jason. When I told him to keep the change, his mother Beena sternly made him return the money to me.

A few rows behind Fraser was a well-tanned man who I assumed to be an Aussie. He was indeed – Paul from Maryborough. I called Paul to the stage, where he displayed a handshake with a vice-like grip. I then set up an arm-wrestling match between Paul and young Fraser, that ended in a draw and looked like this:


While the lads were handy, I posed Jason for photo number two:

london and Adam 021

which eventually lead to this one with Ben:

london and Adam 022

and finally this:

london and Adam 023

We ended the show by calling Jason’s wife, Louise who closed proceedings with the final sentence of the night – “Thank you and goodnight”

It was yet another lovely show, made lovely by brilliant people in the audience.

Two more to go.

Thanks a mill to all involved tonight, but especially Jason for not only being a great sport, but for emailing me his photos afterwards as well.


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  • Bahar, Morad, Sara

    23.10.2010 at 05:44 Reply

    Truly fantastic show! We all really loved it and admire you and especially your spontaneity and honesty. Thank you very much đŸ˜€

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