Mess Around London Oct 22 – Tell Laura Happy Birthday

Mess Around London Oct 22 – Tell Laura Happy Birthday


The second last edition of the Mess Around blog centres around one of the poshest front rows I have ever played to (excluding that gig in a barn in Sussex).

There was Toby, a man “between jobs” in the “house services area” – an unemployed posh handyman basically – his wife Fiona, their friend Claudia, her partner Iain (“two i’s), and Laura whose birthday it was. I gathered them all on stage for a posh birthday photo:


Turns out they had a lovely dinner, but no one had bought a cake. I then gave 10 quid to a man called Richard – the least posh person I could find in the room; he was an IT worker who lived in Milton Keynes – and asked him to buy a cake from the Tesco next door.

He dutifully returned, with a receipt so I could claim it all on tax, and even posed with Toby, as two disparate world’s collided:


The rest of the show involved my usual stories about the Queen, Lady Gaga and a pizza shop owner called Arther, and ended as we all sang Happy Birthday to Laura, who then cut the cake ino tiny pieces (“Diamond Cut”) so everyone could share.

Lovely, lovely.

See you tomorrow


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