Mess Around – Melbourne April 17 & 18

Mess Around – Melbourne April 17 & 18

Hi all

Well, it’s official – The Melbourne International Comedy festival got the better of me. I tried to perform my show every night, produce four other shows, write and film Spicks and Specks, and act in a Greg Fleet-penned comedy series. By the end of it all I was delirious with tiredness, living in a daze, and only just got through the shows.

Unfortunately the last couple of blogs fell by the wayside as I attempted to get some sleep, so here is a brief wrap up.

Saturday the 17th was a show personified by Fernando – a man who was taking photos as I took to the stage, then ended up being part of the show. He claimed to be from the Phillipines, via Sydney, and looked like this:


The first surprising thing about him was his age – 50! I checked his ID and discovered that he was indeed born in 1960, and is also a qualified nurse and a scuba diver. Hello ladies.

I tweeted the photo, and asked “If this is an album cover, what should it be called?”

The answers included:

claireski Hannah Man-tana
jgreenaway3 Ballad of the Strong Gay Surfer?
TheAmereMortal Love, Love My Do
rodd Bogan Reggae Nights
Nice ones.
I then asked Fernando if he’d like a hug, and he replied “I’d like a kiss”. So I did my best to serenade him. It was captured by someone in the audience and posted to youtube here:
Sunday’s show saw the return of Fernando as well as a plethora of international audience members. I dragged them all to the stage, and attempted to discover who had the sexiest accent.
Sadly, the battery on my phone ran out of juice which made it impossible to tweet a photo. In fact the image of a dead battery combined with a blocked backstage toilet pretty much summed up how my body felt at the end of the Festival.
What’s even worse is that I can’t access the photos I took last night either. It’s a shame, because we found yet another star called Gazza.
See, I had assembled an American, a Norwegian, a Canadian, a Brit, an Italian, and Fernando but I needed a true Aussie to compete in the accent sexyathon. That’s when I found Gazza. From Frankston, or as he called it “Franger”. Gazza was a landscape gardener and drove a Holden Rodeo. Tops.
One by one we narrowed down the constestants until Gazza was the last man standing. Mainly due to the fact that his rendition of the Divinyls “I Touch Myself” was outstanding.
If anyone has a photo of this, please upload it to a comment at the end of this blog.
At this point you may be asking – What about Chris Hughes? What happened to the IT Manager you tried to make famous by forcing him to strip for charity in Federation Square?
Well, after everything that happened with Chris, I thought he deserved his own blog entry.
It’ll be posted on this site very soon, probably in the next few minutes, so as they say in the bad tv shows –
“To Be Continued….”

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  • maria gorostiza

    20.04.2010 at 19:37 Reply

    hello! just want you to know that i enjoyed watching the video and your blog. Well , not bec. fernando is my bro. … yes he is my eldest brother. He is the best BIG TIME! – for sometime the bread winner of the family ( 8 boys and 1 girl ) i’am her only sister. He loves to travel around the world…a unique person.

    More Power!

    Maria Gorostiza

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