Mess Around – Melbourne April 10

Mess Around – Melbourne April 10

It was an interesting show last night.

Sadly, I was met at the door by a girl called Nicole, who informed me she couldn’t get into my show because it isn’t wheelchair accessible. I wasn’t aware of this, and felt pretty awful when I went on stage. Thankfully Nicole is able to download the show, so I made a point of giving her a shout out, but still, I wasn’t a happy bunny.

I was cheered up a little by the late arrival of a woman called Tricia – an 80 year old lady who was delayed because she was waiting on her tardy granddaughters. I brought Tricia to the stage and suggested we should create an unusual scene for the arrival of her granddaughters.

I asked if they were definitely coming, and Tricia replied “Yes I have their tickets with me”

I said “Well that’s not much f*#@en help is it, they won’t be able to get in”

And Tricia replied “I left them at the f*#@en door!”


I then dragged three fit young men to the stage, gave them instructions, and waited. The door staff informed me of the arrival of Brooke and Louisa, and to the strains of “The Stripper”, Tricia poledanced, while the three men gyrated around her. the whole thing ended when I removed my shirt, did a bump and grind with Tricia, then whipped her backstage for a quickie.

Apparently the whole thing was caught on video, and will be uploaded to Youtube at some stage.

Of course I took a photo and tweeted, it, asking for captions


Some of the best included:

aburt Weekend at Bernadettes??

redpene oldest cougar ever

ThunderKats1991 The Power Rangers look different without their costumes.

PirateLeer “Comedian and thugs take grandmother hostage unless charity makes $20,000”

TheAmereMortal Adam finally gets to do ‘Sound of Music’ duet with Julie Andrews

ShortFatGinger grang-bang

Thanks everyone, top laughs all round

The campaign to make Chris Hughes famous seems to truck along nicely. The only major development to take place last night, is that we realised that Federation Square is wheelchair accessible, so I invited Nicole along to take part in the on stage antics.

Basically, if we raise $20000 for The Simon Rhoden Foundation, Chris will strip to a pair of bike shorts in Federation Square this Saturday at 3.30pm. There will be a meat raffle, back up dancers, a 12 year old MC, and hopefully the Chris Hughes Calendar.

Last night’s calendar shot looked like this


We have now raised around $8000 for the Foundation, but still need the final $12,000.

Hopefully we’ll get some funding on Monday when Chris makes an appearance on the Triple J breakfast show with Tom and Alex. Tune in at 8.40am to hear how it pans out.

By the way, the new teaser video we made featuring Chris and The Doppelgangers has now been posted to Youtube here:

Here are the rest of the details :

* The Chris Hughes facebook page is here –
* The viral video is here –

* You can make your own donations here

Or with this PayPal link

That’s all for now, let’s all tune in to Triple J on Monday morning and continue to make Chris Hughes a star.



  • Pete

    12.04.2010 at 21:06 Reply

    Thanks Adam for a great show. we really enjoyed it.You are an inspiration. We also went and saw Dave and Pedro. Definately worth it. We saw you last year too and spotted ourselves on the DVD!

  • Mark Coulston

    13.04.2010 at 22:00 Reply

    We were at your show of the 10th of April and my wife was in a wheel chair. You saw it towards the end of the show and you asked whose it was and we pointed to Heather. She suffers from an MS type illness and can only partially wallk using a walking frame. When we came to your show we were told there were no lifts so Heather had to very carefully and slowly and with great difficulty go down 3 flights of stairs to see your show then climb back up them and let me tell you it wasnt easy and she suffered for it the next day with sore joints and leg muscles. But she did it as it was her birthday on the sunday and this was mine and our daughters present to her.
    As a suggestion for future performances is it posdsible that you or your management could check the venue first and ask if its disabled freindly and if not refuse to perform at that venue. There are a lot of disabled people that would have been prevented fom seeing your show because of the stair situation.
    In any case it was a fantastic show so keep up the good work



  • Ingrid Hindell

    17.04.2010 at 11:55 Reply

    Oh dear! Adam,

    I am the person last year who told you you are as good as the Irish comedian for 30-40 years ago – whose name escapes me at the moment!

    I wanted to see your show this year too, but I couldn’t have – because I CAN’T climb stairs. PLEASE work in accessible venues.

    You’re lucky, you know, your disability doesn’t impede you from doing most things…

  • Thunderkats1991

    19.06.2010 at 22:55 Reply

    Er, Ingrid…, no need to bring that up in a conversation that has nothing to do with it. Not all venues can afford to be transformed for wheelchair accessibility, and those that can are often smaller- from my experience. If the choice is going from an established venue in a festival atmosphere to a W.E smaller one out of the way, people will choose the former. For one, it’s good business. It may not be fair, but profit is an integral part of ventures such as these. Also, the larger venues ensures that more people can attend, it would be equally unfair to cut out 30-40 people because of the possibility of a disabled (I hate that word) person attending. He cannot book a million days- time limits. Finally, I think it must be said that Adam doesn’t book his venues, other people book him. If you have a problem, tell the owners, or call the proprieter or their hotline.

    Loved your show Adam!

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