Mess Around – Melbourne April 16

Mess Around – Melbourne April 16

Oh God

After a mammoth week of filming Spicks and Specks, we jumped back into the Melbourne Comedy Festival tonight, and straight into a venue with this man in the front row:


As per usual I tweeted for captions and received:

APH1991 Ladies and gentlemen, we have found Harold Bishop.

cartoon_fan His idea of the word ‘Underbelly’ was getting out of hand

Komiket You might like me when I’m angry…
In fact, there were too many great ones to choose tonight. Maybe follow the tweets and check for yourselves.
Look, it’s 3.45am so let’s get to the point.
All festival I have been trying to make an IT Manager called Chris Hughes a star. Chris siad that if we raised $20000 for The Simon Rhoden Foundation, he would strip to a pair of bike shorts in Federation Square.
Well, as of last count we have racked up almost $12000. A pretty tidy sum I think you’ll agree. So tonight, Chris Hughes agreed to strip anyway, as long as we keep raising money for the foundation that helps people with cystic fibrosis. Since I failed in my task of raising the money I said I would join him.
So – at 3.30pm today, Saturday the 17th of April, Chris Hughes will strip to a pair of bike shorts in Federation Square, accompanied by me and the Doppelganger Dancers. You are all invited. There will also be people shaking tins for the charity, so feel free to bring any spare change you may have.
Of course if you’re not in Melbourne you can still donate here: Or with this PayPal link

Please do what you can to get the tally up, because it is a brilliant cause and Chris has done one helluva job this Festival.

It’s a short blog tonight I know. I have been filming a sitcom all day and night, as well as doing my own show, after filming Spicks and Specks last night. Plus I need to look my best for the Fed Square strip tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and remember – this campaign is far from over.

Good night


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  • Rose M

    18.04.2010 at 00:46 Reply

    Is this the sitcom where you had to adopt an American accent, and rehearsed your audition a couple of weeks ago with a New Yorker named Matt?

    I’m stalking your blogs. đŸ˜‰

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