Mess Around – Melbourne April 17 (Kinda)

Mess Around – Melbourne April 17 (Kinda)

Hello all

Well it is 3am and I am exhausted. I had four hours’ sleep last night, and am about to get the same – so if it’s alright with you, I’ll write the blog about today’s show, and today’s events, tomorrow.

Basically – Chris Hughes stripped in Fed Square, and I joined in. And around 1000 people watched.

I will tell you all about it very very soon, but right now I am exhausted and I really need to sleep.

Sorry, I hope you understand



  • Pete

    18.04.2010 at 20:18 Reply

    Geeze it must have been hot in those suits! Kinda thought you would strip quicker just to cool off. Was great fun to watch so we donated another twenty each and went home with a Tshirt. Cheaper than paying $250 for yours!

  • Mez

    18.04.2010 at 21:28 Reply

    Hi Adam,

    Sleep well! Thanks for a great festival. And don’t worry – we completely understand:

  • Cherry

    18.04.2010 at 21:57 Reply

    I was at the front row on Saturday’s “strip show” at Fed Square. Well done to you Adam and Chris! Here’s a vid I took for everyone who missed it =)

  • Lauren

    19.04.2010 at 04:00 Reply

    Hey Adam.
    Not sure you’ll see it on twitter but here’s the video I recorded of you and Fernando um…”singing”.

    Well done yesterday by the way. You were SO tired but you kicked Donkey! (ass)

  • Kate McQueen

    19.04.2010 at 19:47 Reply

    Well done! The Saturday Chris Hughes (and Adam) Strip show in Fed Square was a huge success. We were very excited to be part of it.
    The atmosphere in the Square was electric and the entertainment extremely memorable… I’ll say no more, and eagerly await your blog update.

    So, Updated TALLY (not even counting Sat strip live show!) = $ 11,932.15 !

    Thank you to Adam Hills Team, Chris Hughes (of course), the back up dancers, The Doona suit man and the helpers on the day shaking those tins – all wonderful volunteers.

    A big THANK YOU again for all the support from the public too.
    The Simon Rhoden Foundation – helping those with CF breathe easier
    * We will let you know the amount raised at the Sat live Strip show ASAP

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