Mess Around – Melbourne April 6

Mess Around – Melbourne April 6

There was only one star of the show tonight, and that was a man in the front row called Pat.

I asked Pat to stand up, and turn around to face the crowd. As he did I sang “Turn around bright eyes” and alluded to the fact that he looked like Tintin. I dragged him on stage and asked what he did for a living, to which he replied “Nuclear Scientist”

The crowd went wild.

I then took a photo of Chris, tweeted it, and promised a free dvd to the first person to correctly guess his profession:


I’ve never received quite so many tweets in my life, so many that I don’t have room to include them here. The answers included “Gay Porn Fluffer”, “Tony Abbott’s Speedo Model” and a lot of suggestions for “Gynaecologist”. I’ll scan through for a winner, but at the moment I don;t think anyone nailed “Nuclear scientist”.

One woman tweeted to say that her daughter Sheridan was at the show, and could I say hi to her? I then took a photo of Sheridan, Pat and I in a compromising position and sent it back, saying “this is what your daughter is doing”:


After that was sent, I asked the crowd if they had any questions for a Nuclear Scientist, and someone asked “What happens when Adam Hills touches the back of your neck?”

To the strains of “Total Eclipse of the heart” we conducted an experiment, and it appeared that the scientist went quite weak at the knees. Quite.

We then kicked back into the show, and the continuing story of Chris Hughes, the IT Manager I am trying to make famous. As you may know, Chris has offered to strip to a pair of bike shorts on the final Saturday of the Festival if we can raise $20000 for a charity that helps people with cystic fibrosis.

Since the last show a few developments have taken place, mainly:

The first poster of Chris had been placed in an international location – Prescott, Arizona – as witnessed by this photo (Thanks Emmy):

002 correct

A blog has appeared in Business Review Weekly, courtesy of a woman who was in the crowd on opening night (Thanks Jane), the link is here:

The next step is to get a Chris Hughes billboard. We have a billboard free, and thanks to a graphic designing husband and wife in tonight’s audience, we have a design. All we need is a printer to make the billboard. Any suggestions you have would really help.

It is now confirmed that Chris will strip in Fed Square on Saturday the 17th at 3.30pm if we can raise $20000 for The Simon Rhoden Foundation. Before tonight’s show the tally was already at $4300.

Once again, the details so far are:

* The Chris Hughes facebook page is here –
* The viral video is here –

* You can make your own donations here

Or with this PayPal link

And if you’d like to print off a poster of Chris and put it in a prominent place, then send me a photo of it; the poster is here:


Oh, of course I took another photo for the Chris Hughes Calendar:


However, it also turned out that Pat had been in a calendar entitled “Sexy Scientists” as “Doctor December”. Of course I made him recreate the pose:


So, that was my night. Hope you had fun reading about it.

There will be more, oh there will be more



  • Rose M

    07.04.2010 at 01:25 Reply

    I’m sorry, Adam. There’s only one TinTin science guy look-alike. And that is my science teacher. He only needs a little white toy dog and he’s a dead ringer for TinTin. It’s quite hilarious, and he can get quite a bit of flak for it sometimes.

    Actually, I was thinking that Pat looked a lot like my science teacher…

    Anyway.. I came close to winning that DVD, man! I was the Rocket Scientist guess!
    Which was really weird, because not two hours earlier, I posted on Facebook that I wanted an Adam Hills DVD.

    Anyway, all the best mate.

  • JD

    07.04.2010 at 01:47 Reply

    Thanks Adam for an insanely fun night! You have caught on to a brilliant style of humour!

    It took us a good 15mins before we realised that Pat wasn’t planted. He was just so unbelievably comfortable and interactive up on that stage haha.

    If only you had more time with us… might have to tag along again before it’s over.

    Pat will forever be remembered!

  • Emmy

    07.04.2010 at 12:26 Reply

    Woah! You posted it! That’s my five seconds of fame right there.

    Awesome blog as always and good luck with the fundraising!

  • ChrisH

    07.04.2010 at 12:52 Reply

    attention to detail…”I then took a photo of Chris,” should read “I then took a photo of Pat”.
    Mind you I wouldn’t mind looking like Pat!

  • Enza

    07.04.2010 at 14:28 Reply

    Thanks Adam for a wonderful night. My kids and I had a great time. I have printed off many ! copies of the Chris poster and will spend some time stickying them UP !!!
    Good luck raising the money needed and we will try to be a Fed square to see Chris strip !!

    Good luck with all your shows and once again GREAT NIGHT !!

  • Clinton Bown

    07.04.2010 at 15:55 Reply

    bloody funny. we had a super night. the show actually left a strong impression on us about how important we all are. great job at being funny with a meaning…!!!!!!!! that takes real talent 😉

  • PatM

    07.04.2010 at 18:57 Reply

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to get on stage, you made my night! My friends and I couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining show.

    The calendar is in the mail 😉

  • Ylva

    07.04.2010 at 19:54 Reply

    Hi Adam!
    Just to show you how far your humor reaches… chech out this blog if you ever got the time 🙂

    Thanks for all the good laughs you have given me (though all the people currently sharing office with me might not be so positive…), and keep´em comming! You make my thesis-writing-day oh so much better!

  • Ylva

    07.04.2010 at 19:55 Reply

    Forgot the link to the blog… great.. shows how lost I am…
    anyway here it is…:)

  • Michele

    08.04.2010 at 14:25 Reply

    Man, I was going to guess taste tester at the beer factory!

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