Mess Around – Melbourne April 8

Mess Around – Melbourne April 8

Hello all

Tonight’s show went back to where it all started, as it was all about Chris Hughes.

Actually, it started with a man in the front row called Norm. I thought that was the most Aussie name ever, and reckoned that no one in the front row would have a name that Aussie. My theory came unstuck with the first woman I tested it on – called Sharon.

A few latecomers made their way in at this point, one in particular went by the name of Mark. Mark looked a little familiar. In fact, Mark looked a little like a bearded Chris Hughes.

Chris of course, is the IT Manager we have been trying to make famous all Festival. I brought them both to the stage, and found another lookalike called Greg, then took a photo (with Chris on the left):


I tweeted it and asked – “what is going one here?” Answers included:

glamlovinkitty The years hadn’t been kind to Bananarama.

themessager proctologists reunion – guess where the middle guy has his hands

PirateLeer Finalists for So You Think You Can Santa

belindarae The Goodies – The Senior Years.

SimonRes silverchair 60 year reunion? Launching the “Silverchair/Silverhair” world tour

FatBoyCow Bob Hawke’s on a night out with his love children

sophielyall Those boys from Hanson have done it hard, haven’t they?

and my favourite:

heavierb lol the dude in the middle is my dad Mark Burton. I’m officially humiliated!!

I then found yet another man that looked like Chris, and came up with an idea. If you remember, Chris has stated that if we raise $20000 for The Simon Rhoden Foundation, he will strip to bike shorts in federation Square on the final Saturday of the Festival. But what if Chris had his own lookalike dancers behind him?

Everyone on stage was up for it, so I conducted an impromptu audition. I suggested that perhaps the lads in the backgorund could mimic Chris’ steps, but Chris suggested “How about a Robert Palmer feel?”

So, as Chris took off his jacket and cufflinks, the three lads (or as they are known, Chris Hughes and The Doppelgangers) performed the beginning of a strip, to the sounds of Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible”.

Then I had another idea – I asked an audience member to film the strip, and just as it got good, I stepped forward, looked into the camera, and said “If you wanna see more, donate to the Simon Rhoden Foundation”. The cameraman in question has promised to upload it to Youtube, and will link it to this blog as a comment.

In other Chris Hughes News – Chris is taking part in a photo shoot tomorrow for the billboard ad we will be placing next week; Sean (Chris’ “manager”) is looking into putting a poster of Chris on a Melbourne tram; and stay tuned tomorrow for a huge celebrity endorsement organised by yours truly.

In the meantime, here’s a recap of the Chris Hughes details:

* The Chris Hughes facebook page is here –
* The viral video is here –

* You can make your own donations here

Or with this PayPal link

Of course I took a photo of all four of the guys for the Chris Hughes Calendar:


You can see them all at 3.30pm on Saturday the 17th at Federation Square, as well as Molly the 12 year old MC, Mark the butcher with a meat raffle, Anthony with the Chris Hughes stubbie holders, and much much more.

Oh, and by the way – I haven’t tallied up the last two nights’ door takings just yet, but we have reached the $6000 mark. Come one peeps, only $14000 to go!

That’s all til tomorrow



  • Joann

    09.04.2010 at 07:58 Reply

    These blogs are hilarious!!! Thanks so much for letting me feel like I am there every night. Will we need to purchase tickets for next Saturday or is it first in, best (un)dressed?

  • Heather Burton

    09.04.2010 at 16:11 Reply

    Yay i’m the favourite tweet! My dad sent me here to check it out! And just letting you know, if he is going to strip or be on stage, to match Chris’ bike shorts my father owns a very attractive skin tight lycra cycling outfit in teal that would be amazing on stage πŸ˜€

  • John Westwood

    09.04.2010 at 20:04 Reply

    Had a rather bizarre thought this morning when watching an infommerical. It was for leopard print “Snuggies” and thought to myself, wouldn’t the doppelgangers look fantastic in those while Chris strips down to his bike shorts.

  • Kirili Westerman

    10.04.2010 at 17:16 Reply

    I noticed the video was up on you tube for the teaser for Chris Hughes and The Doppelgangers! So- here it is for all those that want to see!

  • Shaan

    10.04.2010 at 17:23 Reply

    Hey Adam!

    Love your blog – sorry about the delay in getting the video uploaded, etc. It’s now up on youtube at the following address:

    I’ve also posted it as a link to the Official Chris Hughes fan page on Facebook.

    Enjoy. πŸ™‚

  • Fiona Crellin

    11.04.2010 at 03:52 Reply

    Now you’ve got me really laughing John… It’s funny enough that my dad (the 4th man) is up for the strip… then I hear he is to do it in lycra (didn’t think you’d ever catch him alive in lycra)… but leopard print Snuggies takes the cake… it would be hillarious. πŸ˜›

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