Mess Around – Melbourne March 26

Mess Around – Melbourne March 26

Holy wow tonight’s show was fun!

I don’t entirely know how to describe it, but it started with a Canadian student called Rose who didn’t have to go to work today. In order to find out more about her I waded into the audience, and got distracted by a man called Ian with whom I chatted in an Aussie drawl without using any words.

I then found Steve and Anne, who were married for (according to Steve) “Twenty something years”. I asked Anne, who replied “twenty two”. When I asked if Steve would be getting sex after hat, Anne replied quietly “Not likely”. I postulated that her laid back response was the reason there was never an Australian version of Jerry Springer, then found an American called Annie, and dragged all three of them to the stage to prove my point.

I also dragged up a man called Aaron, who turned out to be the only Aussie amongst them – not surprisingly, as he was the only one wearing a floral Hawaiian-type shirt, and moccassins with no socks. We reenacted a national stereotypes edition of Springer, in which Steve (the Englishman) put on a Liverpool Beatles accent to talk himself down, Anne (his Kiwi wife) quietly dissed him, and Aaron the Aussie checked we were all OK.

We then reenacted the scene with Annie the American, who immediately assoulted Steve, whole Aaron stepped in as a genuine precaution.

I of course took a staged photo for the blog:


I then called to the stage the audience member from last night that I have decided to turn into a star – IT Manager Chris Hughes. Remember this photo from last night?


Chris came back, as did his “agent” Sean, Sophie the German nurse, and Holly the landscape gardener. If you recall, the idea is that we make Chris as famous as possible by the end of the Festival while raising money for The Simon Rhoden Foundation that helps people with cystic fibrosis. In fact, the challenge is that if we can raise $20000 by the last night of the festival, Simon will strip to a pair of bike pants on stage in Federation Square.

Well, it turns out that Chris had put his IT skills to use and has set up a link to a Paypal site at which people can donate. The link is as follows:

I promised that as soon as the show was over I would make the first donation, but was beaten to the punch by Holly, who whipped out her cheque book and scribbled out a $100 donation to get things rolling. I thanked her for her contribution, and said she was no longer required to come to the shows, but she did leave some secateurs to manscape Chris for his strip.

I then asked the crowd for suggestions on how to make Chris a star, at which someone suggested a calendar. Brilliant! We decided that I would take a photo of Chris with different audiences over the season, and turn them into a calendar, so I made him pose with tonight’s protagonists:


Whilst sitting there Chris and Steve realised they share the surname Hughes. When I asked Steve what he did for a living, he said “marketing and sales” so I immediately invited him back tomorrow to work out a marketing strategy for Chris. I also invited Sophie the German nurse, who said she would bring her boyfriend Mark who is a butcher. When I said I wasn’t sure how he could contribute, she suggested a Barbeque for the final night strip.

So, here’s how it all stands – if we can raise at least $20000 for The Simon Rhoden Foundation by the final night of the Festival, Chris will strip to a pair of bicycle shorts ($50000 and it’s budgie smugglers, $100000 and he and his agent will nude up) while Sophie’s boyfriend cooks a barbeque.

And you know what – I never ended up making it to Rose.

Thanks to an awesome audience tonight, and to Holly who has made the first official donation of the Chris Hughes campaign.

As I left the stage, I received a message from the previous blog to say that there is now an official Chris Hughes Facebook Fanpage. The link is here

Please join up, and please please donate to the Simon Rhoden Foundation. Let’s make Chris a star! That link to donate again, is

I think that’s all for tonight, the rest is up to you.

Ta ta for now



  • admin

    27.03.2010 at 01:57 Reply

    Hi all. I just followed the link, set up a paypal account, and left a $100 donation. Add Holly’s donation and we only need $19,800 more to make the strip happen.

  • Jessica

    27.03.2010 at 02:16 Reply

    Hey Adam,
    It’s the girl who came up with the calender idea. Funnily enough I ran into Chris and his manager Sean after the show in Spicy Fish (a restaurant in China Town, not sure how thats relevent but I do recommend the Shanghai Dumplings) we spoke shortly about the calender idea and I suggested topical quotes under each photo and mabey even some monthy themes. Santa bike shorts anyone? I’m looking forward to seeing a calander and mabey even a strip/bbq, did you need anyone to bring some potato salad?
    Hope all goes well in the quest to make Chris famous,

    PS cracker of a show by the way, my face literally hurt from laughing so much.

  • Cindy

    27.03.2010 at 03:28 Reply

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting these showblogs, they always make me laugh. I’m sure they’re not as fun as the actual show, but given that I’m in Canada, they’re as close as I’m going to get to being there! At least until I save enough money to fly over there.

    The paypal link is an excellent idea, you always support excellent charities. I did my bit and would be happy to again! Even without a nifty t-shirt.

  • MP

    27.03.2010 at 18:06 Reply

    Get in touch with the Foundation. They have deductible gift tax status so should be able to give donors a tax deduction – that might help you raise enough to get Chris into Federation Square by the end of the next performance! Also, hate to mention it but you might also require a fundraising licence (boring but hey there you have it).
    Anyway, we loved your show (as usual).

  • Geoffo

    27.03.2010 at 23:21 Reply

    G’day Adam

    Great show tonight. I will post the videos to my You Tube channel and send you the link.

    I’d love to invite to to join the Applied Improv community that I am part of too. An international tribe of people who apply Improv to their work – outside of the stage.


  • Casey

    28.03.2010 at 09:58 Reply

    Hey Adam

    Had a blast at your show last night!

    Half way through when I was filming the ‘ad campaign’ my phone memory became full, so I’m going to download Geoffo’s video and put it on my channel then also post you the link like Geoffo said he was going to do.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention my mum still pumped about being a makeup artist to the stars!

    Catch next time
    Casey Bozkewycz

    Ps. Your probably don’t remember me from last year but I was the boy on your first Melbourne ‘Inflatable’ show and I came up on stage and you said, and I quote, “Look at the size of you! You must be hung like a horse!”

  • Kate McQueen

    28.03.2010 at 10:40 Reply

    Hi Adam, Kate from the SR Foundation here.
    Wow, what a speedy response! We already have a total of $903 donated.
    A big THANK YOU to everyone involved. We really appreciate the support.

    Love your work. Thanks again Adam and all the generous supporters.

    Please note:
    * We are able to post all kind donors via PayPal a tax deductible RECEIPT.
    Thanks MP, so let’s get Chris to Fed Square ! Only $19,097 to go….

    * People can also donate directly to SRF, via PayPal on our website just go to link:

    By the way, if interested, we may be able to organize some funky black, or perhaps beige T-shirts with the posed photo and “Chris Hughes – is he going to do IT ?” slogan.

    I don’t think there are Shiloh T-shirts yet…

    Please let us know if we can help in any way. Keep up the wonderful work. We will keep you updated with a running tally.
    Thank you, Kate

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